How to use an animated gif in Genially, Put a gif in your life!

Today we’re going to explain how to use an animated gif in Genially. For those who aren’t quite sure, a gif is an image made by different frames that produce the feeling of motion when they are shown one after the other.

“An image is worth a thousand words, and an animated image is worth even more”

We can find lots of examples of animated gifs in the Internet, and all of them are different in shape, styles, duration and category. Depending on the use we’re planning on giving them, we will pick one or another. However, we need to keep in mind to use gifs in moderation because they can make our Genially to be much slower, and that’s something we definitely don’t want. We also have to consider the fact that these images do not have the highest resolution, so it’s important to avoid any changes of scale to keep them from being distorted.

Now we’re going to show you some examples of where and how we can use an animated gif:

1. As the canvas’ background:If we want our gif to be the background, we just have to go to the “Page” tab and pick it as the background image.

2. Within pins: Once all our pins and resources are placed, we will go to the interactivity panel and we’ll pick “window” or “tag”. Now we just need to upload our animated gif there and save the result.

3. As a single element: There will be times in which we’ll like to have an animated resource to point out there’s more information hidden behind a given object, or just as a decorative element. To upload our animated gif as an image, we have to click in the “Image” tab and upload it in the box where written “Select your svgs or gif”. After that, we can always keep making our gifs dynamic and interactive as much as we want.

4. From the resource finder: Genially has its own animated gif searcher. To do this, we will open the resource tab, select the category GIFs and using the search engine, choose the most appropriate gif for our work.


We hope you liked this article and from now on all your geniallys will be fully animated! 😉

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Carlos López
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