Interactive Images? Turn A Plain Picture Into Something Great

Hi! It’s great to have you here, as always. Today we’re going to show you how to turn a simple picture into an interactive image.

We already know that an image is worth a thousand words, but sometimes we have to deal with pictures full of text or, on some occasions, with too little text. Here at Genially we’d like to suggest something in between: an image worth a thousand words along with some information that’s both interesting and attractive.

So, what do we need to do to create our own interactive image?  First, we need to insert an image in Genially.  One easy way is to upload an image as a background (select the “Background” tab, choose “Upload an image” and then after selecting your image from your computer, “Use this image as your background”). Then, add as many pins as you want or need using the “Interactivity” tab where you can find to click and drag where you want.  There are pins for all sorts of styles and needs, so look through the different options to find the ones that go best with your image.  You can add all sorts of info to your pins, including: video, pictures, links to other web pages, GIFs, social media timelines, and almost anything else you can think of.  Finally, we can add some animation and interactivity effects to capture the attention and interest of our audience.

What we’re going to show you in a few seconds is a couple of examples that could be inspirational whenever you decide to create your own interactive image. These kinds of images where pins, windows, and tooltips allow users to discover information for themselves can be used for educationbusiness, communication, design, advertising or anything else that you want.  You’ll get results as amazing as these:


Informative Poster


Generate informative or explanatory contents with this option. Let the image tell the story, or highlight some curiosity or detail of it.

Educational Poster


This is one of the best ways to learn something, because you’re memorizing information while looking for it and creating the image. And once you’re done, it’s an amazing method to study because you’ll have to remember the graphic contents.

Interactive Advertisement


You can use it to draw attention to a product, and you can also link it to the actual site where it can be bought.

If you want to do that, you can use an external tool called The only thing you need to do is to introduce the link to Amazon (for example, because it allows this kind of embedding), click in “embed” and copy the code. Then paste the code in the HTML section in Genially and save everything.

embed code generator para genially


Publicity Poster


A single picture and one great sentence are enough to create a convincing advertising poster.

Eye-capturing Image


We can’t know everything, but we can always keep learning new things. So, why not creating a poster to learn something different?

Interactive Catalogue


And last but not least, you can also create your own interactive catalogue with a brief description in the tag as a plus.  You can include information about each article of clothing like where to buy it and the kind of fabric it’s made of.

Give it a try, and be ready to get awesome results with your interactive images!

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See you soon!

Carlos López
Carlos López
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