Useful Key Commands

Did you know that in Genially are there several commands which can optimize your work?

Multi-selection: to do multi-selection, hold down the Control key and click on objects that you wish to select.


Copy and paste: a very useful and known combination is copy and paste, pushing Ctrl + C keys to copy and Ctrl + V to paste. Of course we can use the icons for it located on the toolbar, but it’s faster with this shortcut.

Also don’t forget that by doing multi-selection before, you can copy and paste multiple items at the same time.

copy paste

Delete one or more elements: to remove an object in Genially you can click on the trash located in the toolbar. But we can also press the Delete key on the keyboard.

As with copy and paste, we can also remove different items at once having made the multi selection previously.


Distort an image: sometimes we may need to distort an image and change its proportions (though not recommended). To edit the dimensions freely, all you have to do is press the Shift key and drag any of the points indicated to scale the image. If we don’t press Shift, then we scale the image proportionally.



Undo: When we’re wrong or just we don’t like the new edition, we have to go back to the previous step. That can we do very easily by clicking on the Undo arrow in the toolbar or by activating the familiar Ctrl + Z.

Animation 2


Design Mode: you can access design mode and layers directly, pressing Ctrl / Cmd + D.

modo diseño