4 ways to insert a video In Genially

Hello! I am so happy that you are back! In this article I am going to explain some different ways to insert a vídeo into Genially. In most cases, a vídeo helps us to understand information better or to see the steps we must take to solve a problem. So it is important to know the different options that Genially offers for integrating video into your content so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Before we look at the different possibilities available, it is important to note that Genially cannot upload a video that you have stored on your hard drive, so we have to use providers that offer this option such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc so that we can use it in our footage.

Since this is all about vídeos, I can see no better way to explain everything to you… than to use videos! Lets start:

1.- From the Embed Tab:

This is the best option if you want to put a video directly in the work space. This option is very useful if we are interested in watching the video on the page we are using. All we need to do is copy the URL of our video and stick it in the first or second box in the Content tab. We can also modify its dimensions quite easily as the video will show you.


2.- Use the Video as a Background:

This option is as striking as it is easy. All we have to do is modify the dimensions of the inserted video (like we did in step 1) until it takes up our whole screen.


3.- Place a Video in a Window or tag:

In this option, we have to use pins and the interactive panel that will appear when you select any of them.  Once you make your selection, in the interactive panel we can choose between the window or tag and then edit. Then we simply paste our video link inside and save it. Inside the window we can also edit the HTML code to adjust the video accordingly.


4.- Insert a Video Link:

The final option would be to place a pin so that when we click on it, it opens a new tab with our video. To do this, we select “add a link” from the interactive panel. I think this option is the most inconvenient because it forces the user to exit the genially in order to see the information they want to see.


Well that´s all my friends. I hope that you liked it and found the information useful. Until next time!

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Carlos López
Carlos López
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