Adding a form in Genially… How can I do it?

Hi Geniallymaniacs! Have you ever needed to send a survey or add a form? In this article we’re going to show you how to use Google Forms and make your survey to be outstanding.

First thing we have to do is going to Google Forms and log in. We must create a new Gmail account in case we don’t have one.

google forms

Once we’re in, we can see the survey setting. We’re now going to explain all the steps one by one.

configurar encuesta

In the top left section we can edit the Title of our survey.
editar titulo encuesta

After that, we find the general settings for our form. We have decided to turn off the first option, which is on by default, because we want everyone to be able to fill our form without logging in. Remember to set all these options according to your needs.
configuarcion avanzada

The second step is writing our questions.
escribir preguntas encuesta

In this section we can pick the title and the help text, choose the question type, fill in the answers and select other options or add elements like videos or pictures. We just have to click in “Add element” to add one more question, and then pick the question type we want.

añadir pregunta formulario

We can change our form theme before concluding it. We just need to go to the upper tool bar and click in “Change theme”.
cambiar tema encuesta

Then we just have to pick the one we like the most.
elegir tema formulario

Last but not least, we find all the options available to confirm our survey.
confirmar encuesta

We have to select the desired options and then click in “Send form”.

At this point, a pop-up window with the URL will show up. We can copy and share it by e-mail or in our social networks, or use the option “Embed”.

insertar formulario con genially

If we click in this box, another pop-up window will appear with the HTML code. This is the code we must copy and paste in Genially later on. As you can see, we can also modify its dimensions.

formulario para encuestas genially

Next, we just need to paste this code in Genially. How? Really easy: we go to the “Embed” tab and paste the code where written “Embed your code here”.

Decorate and dress up your Genially a little more and the results will be as awesome as this one:

resultado final encuesta genially

Finally, remember that you can see all the answers to your form by logging in Google Forms and clicking in your survey: the results can be found in the “Answers section”.
resultados encuesta

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