Can you name the inventors of these creations? Discover them!

One day more we’d like to echo a very interesting content we found while on the Internet. Today we’re talking about a contest by Batanga, where you have to link each invention to its creator. Do you know them all? Do you dare to give it a try? (take a look at the contest here)

Here in Genially we liked this idea a lot and we thought it was a great way to learn (or review) the names of some great inventors. That’s why we developed an interactive infography where you can see each invention and the name of the person who created it if you mouse-over. Furthermore, you can also get to know more about these people who are part of the history. Discover how they came up with those ideas and how they created every single invention by clicking in the pictures and mousing-over the icon.

We hope you had a great time with this post!

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