Create your own interactive map with Genially!

We’re here again to tell you about what’s new and great at Genially. This time, we get to present you with what many of you have been asking us for and make your dreams come true. Now you can make your own interactive maps with Genially!

If you’re asking yourself how you’ll be able to make one, just keep reading. It’s easier than you think. Just click the Resources tab in your workspace, and then select Maps to find maps of countries around the world in SVG format. Great, right? How many ideas are flying through your head now? The possibilities are simply endless.

Another option for finding maps in Genially is to use a search engine to find countless maps of other countries whose color and size you can modify. This will give you an even wider range of options, so you can make interactive maps of any place at all that comes to mind. Then, plug these maps into the Genially of your choice!

Give free rein to your imagination, and start exploring new possibilities. Try out different countries and make your own interactive map of the world with Genially.

Below, you can find a video which shows you some of the many things you´ll be able to do with Genially’s new maps. Check it out, and try it out. Then, as always, let us know how it went!:


We hope you enjoy this new option within Genially. As we hope you already know, if you need any help or have any questions at all, you can always reach out to us through comments, our Social Media, and email We’d love to help!


Carlos López
Carlos López
User Experience Manager & Diseñador Gráfico. Amante de la música y de los buenos momentos. Enjoy everyday!

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