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Discover These Historic Figures With Interactive Images

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Today we’re bringing you a new set of historic images that you’re sure to love.  We hope they serve as inspiration for your future genius creations.  This time, our set of interactive images contains a full cast of historic figures and celebrities that you’re bound to recognize.

You already know that with Genially you can breathe life into your content, make it more attractive and better reach and win over your audiences for your blogs or webpages.  For those of you who want to learn how, here is your genius explanation.  In this post we’ll show you an example.

“Gandhi and His Spinning Wheel” (1946)

Photographer: Margaret Bourke-White

This portrait of one of the most influential figures of the 20th century was difficult to achieve due to Mahatma’s strict requirements.  In order for the Life employee Margaret Bourke-White to be allowed to take this photo of Gandhi with his spinning wheel (a symbol of India’s fight for independence), she had to first learn how to use it.


“Albert Einstein” (1951)

Photographer: Arthur Sasse

An endearing and world-renowned photograph taken March 14th, 1951, the day that Einstein turned 72.  This image shows us the friendliest face of the genius who discovered the Theory of Relativity, supporting Newton’s laws.


 “Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston” (1965)

Photographer: Donald L. Robinson

Here we have a historic photo is the world of sports. In the first match, Liston, the sitting champion, faced off with Ali, a box “unknown” to many. Ali gave a stronger performace than Liston during the entire match, snatching the win away from the then-champion.


“Abbey Road” (1969)

Photographer: Iain Macmillan

Finally, we get to talk to you about the cover of the mythical Beatles album “Abbey Road”, which became one of the most famous in the history of music.


Which interactive photographs have caught your interest most? Which is your favorite? We hope you’re had fun with this small collection of historic figures. Until next time!


Mónica Bernáldez
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