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Christmas is back in town. Without even getting notice of how our surroundings get involved into christmas spirit because of the lights, ornaments, gifts, nougats… and may I say, if our “real” environment got involved with this christmas spirit, why our “virtual” environment wouldn’t do it too?

If you’re browsing your favorite websites or your usual blogs, you’ll notice that most of then had just adapted their contents or even their brand or designs to make them look with that christmas touch. Those falling snowflakes, that Santa Claus, that christmas song in the background… Either way, it’s obvious that this trend is widely extended this days of the year so, what if we help you make some great interactive contents for this christmas?

At Genially, we want to simplify this task, give you some ideas and inspiration and help you make them real so what we did is to create a bunch of christmas templates that will help you decide where to start. The are infinite possibilities so let’s get to know some of them.

You can create a postal or a christmas card for your friends and family. Choose one of ours and customize it with your phrases, videos, music, GIFs or even your beloved faces. Does this sound good to you? Cheer up because you can get awesome results! Here’s an example of an interactive christmas postcard, but remember that there are loooooots of them in our website under the “Interactive Posters” and “Others” sections.

Another kind of content you can create during this holidays are the classic presentations. Your audience will love to see christmas ornaments on them for sure! It will give them a funny and original look!

And of course we had to talk about the most trendy interactive content nowdays: Infographics. What? Excuse me? Already want to create a great christmas infographics? Your wishes are orders for us…

Another option that shines this days are albums to gather the best pictures of the year and if you can make it also interactive… that’s the perfect gift to share with the ones you live the most, they will love it!

If something is trendy in christmas, those things are compilations, somehow make a resume of the best moments of the year, best movies, songs… And we created some templates so you can share what you liked the most about this year.

This christmas bring to live your contents with Genially. Create interactive and animated resources and make your audience have fun by exploring and discovering the secrets they hide. Also you can choose the most confortable way for you to share this interactive contents with whomever you like, for example sending a link via email or though social networks or WhatsApp.

Genially team wishes you a very merry christmas! And you all know that if you have any questions or thoughts you can drop us some lines here in the comments section, in our social networks (Facebook, Twitter) or through and we will be very please to help you.

See you all soon Genially family!


Mónica Bernáldez
Mónica Bernáldez
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