From PowerPoint to Genially… and beyond!

We knew that you were waiting for this so… here it is!  Now you can turn your powerpoints into geniallys.

For years, we’ve used tools to create static content and presentations. All the hours of work and effort you’ve invested in them can be put to good use in Genially.  With the new premium feature “import from PowerPoint”, you can edit your previous work easily and enrich your static content with magnificent animations and interactive elements to achieve stunning results with minimal effort. If you have any of these premium plans: Edu Pro, Pro, Master or Team, You will benefit from this feature.

Advantages of Genially over PowerPoint

Leave the communication tools of the past behind.  Take a leap into the future with Genially, the alternative to PowerPoint already being used by millions of users. With Genially, you can transform linear, boring presentations and creations into entire communication experiences that are immersive and attractive. Your content will be enriched with interactivity, movement, integration and monetization, and, of course, with the added value of a good design.

1· Interactivity

The layers of content in Genially give interactivity to your content. Dense and tedious presentations are a thing of the past.  Leave boredom behind and turn your old PowerPoint presentations into innovative and stimulating spaces that encourage exploration: a place where content becomes more visual.  Give your information in layers and allow your audience to be the protagonist, not just a spectator.  Through layers of content, the information is separated out by importance, making it easy for your audience to choose what content they want to see in each moment.  Transform your work and the way you communicate, transmitting information in a way that’s easier to take in.

2· Animation

Taking the leap from PowerPoint to Genially has more advantages. Genially allow you to add animation and movement to your work easily and intuitively. Help your audience focus their attention on the most important parts of your presentation. You’re only a few clicks away from bringing your content to life with Genially.

3· Integration

In PowerPoint, integration is quite limited.  You can insert a video, but if you want to include more complicated web content, the only solution is to insert a link that takes our audience outside of our presentation, opening in an outside browser window.  When we redirect our audience this way, they get further away from the content we want to show them, and worse, they may even forget to return to our creation.

When you turn your PowerPoint presentations into geniallys, all the web content is integrated in the same place.  You won’t need to take your audience away from your main content anymore. Genially allows you to embed the content from over 400 web providers of videos, audios, social media, calendars, interactive graphics and almost any kind of content you need integrated in your creation quickly and easily.

With Genially, your audience will consume all the content you want with all of it integrated in the same platform, without needing to leave the creation.  In this way, you’ll take advantage of all the power of the internet and its content.

4· Monitoring

Maintaining your audience in one place has an added benefit: monitoring. With PowerPoint, it’s impossible to measure the reach of our presentations. If we don’t know what interests our audience, we may not make an impact with our creations. Getting to know how your users interact with your content through monitoring will make you a more successful communicator.

Genially generates metrics and statistics about the way your audience interacts with your content. You can measure and analyze what is working and what isn’t in your creations by consulting the metrics for overall views, visits per page, geographic location of views, viewing time, and details about the interactions your audience initiates.  Also, from the SEO module in Genially you can link your Google Analytics ID with your Genially account. Monitorize how your creations are being used in real time. Have control over the data!

How can I turn my PowerPoint into a Genially?

Importing your content from PowerPoint into Genially is truly simple. To do so, just select one of the following categories: Presentation, Video Presentation or Dossier, where you’ll find the following button to import from PowerPoint.

Select the file you want to import from your computer by clicking on the button  “select your ppt file” and let the transformation begin!

Keep in mind that, currently, you can import .pptx files. If you want to import previous versions of PowerPoint (.ppt), just open your file with PowerPoint and save it with the ending .pptx.

When the upload process of your file has finished, the magic of Genially will transform your creation.

This can take a few minutes, but we promise that it’s worth the wait. While this is being done, you can take a look at the inspiration library  to take away some awesome ideas to apply to your creation.  Otherwise, you can work on your geniallys.

You’ll receive an email when the process is complete. Click on the link you’ll find in your inbox to edit your PowerPoint in Genially with ease.  Awesome!

As you can see, the transformation process is simple.  Now is the moment to apply all the advantages that Genially offers to PowerPoint.  We’re sure that the Genially benefits like its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, collaborative work, and cloud storage will make Genially an essential part of your daily work.  Take the step, and with minimal effort, you’ll turn your PowerPoints into Geniallys, getting incredible results in minutes.

If you want to know all the details or have a question about how to turn your PowerPoint into a Genially, visit our article in the Help Center where we’ll give you all the details.

From PowerPoint to Genially,… and beyond..What do you think about our new feature? Tell us via social media or by commenting on this post.

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