Genially launches new image

Yes, Genially has launched its new image, and we’re thrilled to be able to tell you about it. As many of you know, Genially is a tool for creating interactive communication experiences that make your audience fall in love.

Comunicate, educate and seduce like never before

With Genially, you can create presentations, video presentations, timelines, e-cards, dossiers, and tons of other incredible interactive contents.

The tool was born as a startup in Cordova in 2015 and since then has gone on to grow exponentially, reaching nearly a million users spread all throughout the world in over 190 countries. Its growth, along with the launch of the new version of the tool this February 2018, have led to the redesigning of the brand.


The improvements of the new version can be seen in new features, which will make the tool even more powerful, just as our slogan says. “Use Genially and feel like a genius”.

So, we are beginning 2018 with our eyes on growing in the English-speaking world and we’re betting on turning Genially into an increasingly global tool.

Our CEO, Juan Rubio, assures that the main goal of the tool is none other than to “democratize the creation of interactive contents that leave no one indifferent and that can be created by all kinds of users”. To do this, we offer endless new templates and resources to use in generating contents like presentations, infographics, quizzes, and posters.

New corporate image, new features

The entire graphic image of the platform needed a makeover, a new identity that would place it among the current visual trends, transmitting its fresh and contemporary qualities. A tool that champions the creation of the visual contents of the future should serve as an example.

The redesigning included the elaboration of a new logotype, redefinition of our visual elements, and the creation of a graphic universe through illustrations and resources that strengthen the visual component of the brand. We’ve carried out the project internally.



What problems were there with the original identity?

It had become obsolete and wasn’t optimized for the environment in which digital brands exist. The new identity needed to transmit versatility (using multi-color elements), be oriented towards the digital world, and transmit freshness and energy.

The new corporate color revolves around a warm pink. Also, we’ve defined a corporate gradient that goes from a purple, passing through the trademark corporate pink, to an orange salmon color (inclined 60 degrees), leaving room for various luminous and vibrant tones.

We’ve also chosen secondary gradients, which are those that make up the perimeter of the isotype. These gradients will be present in the new image of the brand to add energy to the designs and to respect the multi-color concept that we wanted to maintain.

The font used is Raleway, a sans-serif font available in Google fonts. This decision was based on the easy legibility on the screen of its characters, its clean lines and the variety of styles that make up the family (some 18 in all).

We’ve created a graphic universe through illustrations and resources, elements which make up a large part of the strength of Genially’s identity.

To give strength and originality to the brand image, we’ve developed a world where small characters work, interact and collaborate in structures filled with color and technology. The small isometric spaces, along with effects like shines, overlaps and transparencies have been key to achieve a general sense of the current digital universe.

The characters were designed to be generic so that users could identify with them. They’ve been named Allys. These characters exist in futuristic settings, with screens, overlapping elements, data, digital devices, etc. We wanted Genially to be understood as a contemporary digital space full of creative energy for all audiences.

The Genially universe

Once the graphic style of the Genially universe was defined, we created resources and illustrations available in the tool’s editor so that the user would have a range of corporate elements they could use in their creations.

This comprehensive restyling also includes the company’s website, which was completely restructured and redesigned with the elements of the new identity through numerous icons and illustrations. The result has been a website that’s much cleaner, organized by sector (media, education, companies and designers) and more contemporary in terms of its design.

The final element of the brand to be redesigned has been the tool itself. We’ve created icons that illustrate each category of elements that can be created with Genially (instead of using photography like in the previous version), examples of corporate illustrations can be seen starting at the login page, and the brand’s gradients flood various screens.

In conclusión, we’re more than satisfied with the project now that we’ve achieved a much more differentiated brand image that’s vibrant, visually rich, and that flows with the current design trends.

It’s time to bring your contents to life.

Do it different, do it Genially!

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