Back to school with Genially and OneNote: Start the year off right with real teacher examples

Last month we announced Genially and Microsoft OneNote’s integration, and this month we are bringing you examples from real teachers on how to use both edtech tools together.

The integration made a seamless experience possible, where your genially creations can be embedded directly in the OneNote platform, by simply pasting their link into any section of your notebook and hitting Enter.

It’s that easy!


1. Achieve a new level of engagement with OneNote and Genially’s digital breakouts

Genially is used to create learning resources. Anything from interactive images and infographics to video presentations and escape rooms. The sky is the limit,  and there are hundreds of templates to get you started.

Digital breakouts are making waves in education, and OneNote can help you easily organize and share them with your class.

Here’s an example from Odalys Pacheco, MIE Certified Trainer and Educator in Jacksonville, North Carolina. She used Genially to create a digital breakout for her grammar lesson and embedded it into OneNote to share with her class. Beautiful!



2. Enhance your lesson experience by including images your students can interact with

Take your students on a trip to a faraway land with Genially and OneNote! Teach them about the animals and people who live there. Include interactive images created with Genially and filled with videos, sounds and visual information!

In the example below, Aili takes her classroom on an adventure into the rainforest. Her students are able to take notes as she goes by using the ink or type mode offered by OneNote. She’s able to keep her lessons organized.



3. Create your digital portfolio

Let’s move now to higher education and instructional design. April Joy Macadangdang-Perez, Senior Instructional Designer at the University of Miami combines OneNote and Genially to create stunning digital portfolios. In her own words: 

Genially is seamlessly “transportable”.  It’s an intelligent tool that can render its interactions in almost any digital spaces you can think of – Learning Management Systems, authoring tools, cloud-based presentation tools, Twitter and now OneNote.  When two different tools integrate without a glitch, it helps instructional designers create an interactive and meaningful content. In this example, Genially and OneNote is used as a tutorial tool in creating a digital portfolio”.



4. Motivate your classroom and keep track of your interactive reading list for the year

Creating to-do lists with OneNote is simple and you can use it to share your reading list for the year and keep track of progress. Librarians get very creative with Genially, and we are seeing tons of great examples like the one below, where they offer an interactive overview of upcoming books to get their students excited!

Include your Genially at the top of your notebook entry, followed by the reading list as an index to help you keep things tidy 🙂 Remember you can also take notes with OneNote, and additional notebooks or sections can be added as needed for each book. Make them colorful and add more geniallys along the way!

Thank you James Allen, from Kentucky Public Schools, for sharing this with us!



If you are an educator using Genially and OneNote, please share your examples with us! They can serve as inspiration to others. If you have questions about this integration, feel free to reach out either to Microsoft Edu or Genially’s Team!


What about you… Do you bore or communicate?


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