Genially: runner-up in the BBVA Startup League!

Last 20th November, had the opportunity to be among the contestants of the first edition of the Startup League organized by the BBVA Innovation Center during its Global Entrepreneurship Week.


18 young entrepreneurs were there to convince a jury showing them why their own proyects were the most suitable for the current market needs. Along 3 different stages and through elevator pitchs, they put on display the advantages and strenghts of their companies, as they would do it before any other investor.

chema presentacion

Our CTO Chema Roldán was in charge of’s presentation. He made it through the final round and ended up winning the second place in the 2015 BBVA Startup League.

chema subcampeon

We would like to use this occasion to compliment the winners, Applivery, and all the contestants of this thrilling experience.


Mónica Bernáldez
Mónica Bernáldez
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