Get ready to celebrate living contents’ day! Still creating “zombie” contents?

Are you ready to celebrate Halloween? Thanks to the living contents, you can go on celebrating this day throughout the year in your blog or web!

On the eve of All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, Samhain… or simply Halloween, we just love this day! Death cannot exist without life or vice-versa, they both need each other.  And this day should be used to remember our loved ones who are no longer among us, but above all, should be considered as an ode to life.  Since we are here, let us go ahead and celebrate, let us carve our pumpkins and put on our worse outfits to render an homage to each of the moments that are yet to be enjoyed.

Fortunately, in our world, the reality depicted in both worlds is clearly established.  We try to respect each other. We leave our not so pacific relationship to be seen on the screens in fiction shows such as The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, World War Z or so many other TV shows, books or movies that depicts this genre.

However, in the living world, we can be caught in a mined field with zombies. Zombies contents that roams around your website or blog, without a single idea about what to do. Or what is worse, we are even clueless as to what they are doing.  There are simply many texts, photographs or illustrations that are cumbersome, without any added value.

The time has come to stop living in a continuous Halloween day loop, living contents must come out in the daylight and prevail in the engagement world.  On this day, our web sites can cease being information cemeteries and once more, light can shine on it.

How do we identify a zombie content?

  • These contents do not really contribute with any contrasting item, there is nothing that really cause it to remain on the page.
  • They are generic photographs from image databases that you have seen in several sites.
  • You’ll see descriptive texts that are only interesting to a small group but this type of content intermixes with contents, posts or section.
  • These PDFs are so long and have so many pages that even Dorian Gray would age.
  • These boring presentations uses small “comic sans” fonts that would disappear in the slumber of the devil.

Oh, zombies contents, I curse you and urge you to relinquish our digital contents forever! Should we still have hope? Yes.

What are the living contents?

  • Living contents engage the readers that are aware of what they want, they are attractive and their perusal is enriching and the entire relationship can be monitored.
  • They are made with Enriched Images  animation. Their movement is very enticing to the human perception. Biologically, we are predetermined for this.
  • Visual contents are images that can be easily interpreted since they are based on stories (storytelling) and gamification to generate users experience.
  • These are live multidirectional contents based on the scrutiny that surpasses the unidirectional sphere.
  • These creations provide many information layers that were tailored to enable your decision as to which should be expended.
  • These are  digital contents on the cloud, interactive, content and embedded metrics that are integrated with other providers.

Oh, living contents, you are the next generation, let us invade digital boundaries to grant you new life!


Heroes can be found in any revolution. People who remove us from darkness and put us on the path to a better future.  We find ourselves waiting on our own private Van Helsing to rescue us from boredom and grief.  There are also beginners in the living contents environment, tools that will revive our creations. You can always use Genially  to give interactivity and animation to your contents and we have the advantage on our side that programming expertise is not required to depict surprising results.  Genially free version is very comprehensive, one of the positive points is the integration with Pixabay and Giphy and the contents can also be exhibited in Twitter and WordPress, consequently your interaction will take place straight from the timeline, from your blog or web.  Last but not least, remember that you can access the “professional” features with the Professional and Premium paid licenses, you can change the privacy of the creations (public or private), download them in PDF or HTML5, remove the watermark or consult the metrics and statistics of your creations! Stop giving it that much thought and get busy, bring your contents to life!

Now that you have seen it all, enjoy the Celtic Halloween tradition, carve your pumpkins, go trick and treating and wear your best mask.  But from now on, be careful with the zombies content.

A terrifying greeting and happy living contents day!

Luis García
Luis García
CMO Genially

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