Halloween templates! Bring your contents to life!

As you know, we have decided to use Genially to outplay zombies contents since these contents really do not add value to information and are mostly related to the world of the dead than the living, and in this manner, we can enable the  living contents, which are, on the other hand,  digital contents that make all the difference especially since they engage the audience in our story plot.  So, if you would like to be a part of this crusade, do not take your eyes off these Halloween Templates that we have prepared for you.

As said before, the zombies contents are those without any appeal to the audience, even the living dead are bored with them since there is no form of communication, etc. In a general sense, this type of content would convert you into a zombie with just one bite…

How can we counterattack all of this hateful   zombie content that lead the audience to a mass exodus from our blogs or webs? Which tools can we use to pave our way through the heap of boring content that will indulges us to absolute and utter grief?

There is nothing better to end the life of a zombie content than a good living content. How can we achieve this effect? We can achieve this by using interactivity   and animation   in our creations. This can also be done by exhibiting all the information layers of our interest and integrating third party contents in them such as maps, social media, videos, audios…Without any doubt, Genially will be a bird in the hand to bring the  digital content to life with these terrifying templates.

Below, please see some examples of living contents related to Halloween. We hope that it will inspire you to make terrifying creations that will engage your audience 😉 Remember that you can find all of them as Halloween Templates at





We eagerly await to see your creations full of living contents. Together, we can overcome all of the zombies contents and remit them back to their rightful place.

David Galisteo
David Galisteo
Marketing Digital. Amante de la tecnología y de la música. Siempre en constante evolución.

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