How do you update your browser? Keep yours stylish!

Hello Geniallymanics! This time around we are going to teach you how to update your browser so you can have the latest information on surfing the Internet, this will help improve your safety, optimize your searches and, of course, give you the best possible experience with Genially.

We all like to wear the latest styles! We like cute shirts, a little black dress (aka our best friend), and our favorite team’s gear, but we also have to like the latest version of our browsers!

The world of technology is in constant motion but it is important to stay up to date. We have got to update our browser, not only for greater security against possible threats, but also for our applications and websites, which are in turn also updated so they can continue working properly.

It is possible that your genially may not be functioning properly because your browser version is somewhat updated. We all have preferences: applications, browsers, sites, newspapers, portals, and favorite websites. The browsers we recommend for its functionality are: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Below I will post a simple guide to check if your browsers are up to date.

In Chrome

If you look in the upper right corner, you will see the menu (represented by three horizontal lines). If we click on it, we will see that one of the options is Help > About Google Chrome. This will open a new tab that will tell you the version number and if the browser hasn’t been updated, it will give you the option to do so.

In Firefox

As with Chrome, we can also find the three line menu (this menu we call a “hamburger”). In this case, we have to find the help icon at the bottom and select “About Firefox”. A window will open and indicate what version you are using.

En Safari

You can keep Safari updated by also keeping OS X updated. Safari is included with OS X. For the latest version of Safari, install the latest version of OS X from the App Store. To keep OS X updated on your version of Safari, install all available updates for Safari and OS X.

So now you know! You have no excuse to fall behind as far as your browser is concerned. Now you’ll see how better internet also improves your experience and Genially too!

Carlos López
Carlos López
User Experience Manager & Diseñador Gráfico. Amante de la música y de los buenos momentos. Enjoy everyday!

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