How to: Editing a text in Genially to surprise everyone with your presentations

Would you like to know how to edit your text in Genially to create amazing presentations? In this article we’re going to show you everything you need to know.

  1. How to insert text in Genially?

There are several ways to introduce text in Genially’s WorkSpace. First thing we need to do is to select and drag the kind of text we’re going to use from the “Text” tab: title, subtitle, paragraph, point list or number list.

  1. How to edit text?

We can follow different paths once we’re here. We must take into account that when we click in the text box in the upper tool bar, some specific text options will show up. However, if we double click in the text, we will launch the editing mode and a smaller tool bar will show up to provide a more accurate text editing.

Let’s talk about the options available in the upper tool bar when clicking in the text box.



Using this bar we can:

  • Change the typography: pick up a style for your text from Genially’s library.
  • Change the text size: modify the size of your text changing its pixels.
  • Change the text alignment: rearrange your text alignment to the left, centered, to the right, or justified.
  • Change the background colour: restyle the background colour and the opacity of the text box.
  • Change the text shadow: add a parallel shadow effect to your text.
  • Remove Text Formatting: with this option we can convert the text in plain restoring their default values.

Besides these options, we must remember that we can always add some dynamism and interactivity effects by clicking in the text box.

If we want to edit the content of the text, all we need to do is to double click it to launch the editing mode. We can:

  • Edit the text: write or paste text.
  • Edit the text formatting: bold, italic or underlined.
  • Remove text formatting: reset the text and start afresh if we want to.
  • Change text colour: pick up a colour from our colour palette, or write the html code of the desired colour clicking in “more colours”.
  • Change fill colour: modify the fill colour of our text.
  • Turn text into a number list: make our text to be numbered.
  • Turn text into a point list: change our text into a point list.

Tip: If we want to embed a hyperlink to a single world in a paragraph, we can change the colour of that word, use its area and paste our link in the Interactivity panel.

Now we’re going to show you a detailed example of the entire process.

First thing we’re going to do is to prepare our canvas. We’re going to change the background colour and add a pair of squares of different sizes and colours.

Once the squares are in place, our base is complete and ready.

base genially

Now we proceed to insert and edit our text following the previous instructions.

genially con texto

As you can see, this would be the gross result before the editing. Now we’re going to change typography, size, formatting and colour. After all these steps, the result is:

genially con texto editado

At this point we can improve our greeting card by adding some effects: text shadow, pictures… And this would be the final result:

In case you have any doutbs, take a look at our tutorial and watch the whole real-time process.

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