How to: embedding a document in Genially

Have you ever needed to embed a document or a data table in Genially? If your answer is yes, then keep reading this article, because we’re going to show you how to use Google and Google Drive tools appropriately so all your documents can be seen in Genially.

Before we start, we need to make it clear that Google offers some tools that actually fulfill the same goal as the Microsoft Office tools. However, there’s one advantage: our work will be always available using Google’s, because they’re in the cloud. Don’t worry though: we’re going to show how to work with your Office document in Genially too.

The office tools offered by Google are:

herramientas office de google

Documents: it’s a word processing program. Microsoft Word is its Office double.

Spreadsheet: its purpose is to create data tables. It’s what we already know as Excel in Microsoft.

Presentations: this is the tool that simulates Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Obviously we already have Genially, so our presentations and projects are much livelier.

Forms: this is the tool used to create surveys. Read this article if you want to learn how to create and embed them in Genially.

Even though the functions are different, the process to embed our work in Genially is always going to be more or less the same. First thing we need to do is create a Gmail account if we don’t have already one.



crear cuenta en gmail


Note: In this picture “Any user of” appears because the session is initiated with our gmail account. In your case, is your user which should be appeared.

Once we’re logged in, we can access these apps through our dashboard.

Now we can create a new document and edit it. After that, we need to get the link we’re going to paste it in Genially. To do so, we just have to follow these simple steps:

Look for the button “share” in the upper right corner.
boton compartir documentos google

Click in. This pop-up window will show up:

compartir documentos google

Click in “Get link to share” and pick the privacy and visualization options we like the most.

obtener enlace para compartir documentos

Copy the generated link and go to Genially. Here, paste the link in the second box of the Embed tab or in a pop-up window. At the end, this should be the result:

copiar enlace para genially

Remember: the process is exactly the same for the rest of the apps.

But… What if we have an Office document? The solution is pretty simple too: we just have to upload our document to Google Drive, open it and repeat the whole process we just explained.

Sometimes we can also find a document or pdf in Google Drive that someone else uploaded. In this case, we can copy that document’s URL and paste it in the Embed tab or in a pop-up window.

Now you know. Embedding documents in your Genially has never been easier and quicker.

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