​How To Make A Resume That’s Interactive, Original, And Different

As you already know, our resume is our main presentation letter if we’re looking for work, and so it’s important to show that information off in a way that’s visually attractive.The key for you and your CV to stand out is to make an interactive resume. 

The digital world offers endless possibilities to search for work and we need to be able to take full advantage of it. Use your online presence to construct a good personal brand. An online CV is the perfect tool for this because it can be accessed from anywhere with a simple click on a link. One of the biggest advantages of having a CV stored in the cloud is that the changes you make will automatically update (the link stays the same) for everyone who look at it a second time without you needing to send a link again.

The competition that we find in the job market is wide and varied, and we need to be creative and use our imagination. In exactly this kind of market, a unique CV can become your best ally.  With this kind of resume you’ll be able to surprise whoever is in charge of choosing the best fit for the position you’re applying to.

One of the advantages of creating an interactive resume is that the person who receives it can interact with it, and you create a deeper and more engaging experience for them than what a word document or paper resume can offer. You can add images, docs, and links to web pages, or you can give additional information through videos.  This option is especially great for illustrating your job experience and educational background, skills, or social media profiles in an original way.

All of these elements give you added value, make you stand out from other candidates, and show that you’re up to date on the latest tech trends, so why not try it?

To help you with this task, we’ve created a series of CV templates which are completely modifiable and free. You can find them under the category ‘CV’ once you’ve started a session in Genially. Now we’ll explain what parts of the templates can be edited and the best way to do so in each case.

Template 1 For Interactive CVs

This CV follows the structure of a microsite. So basically, you can have a main menu from which you can access all the different sections of your interactive CV. Take a look:


Main Menu

The first slide is the main menu from which you can navigate to the rest of the sections.



You can edit the text and images for each category and can also change the effects for each element.  If you’re not sure how to replace an image, I suggest you check out this article where we explain the steps in detail.



From left to right, the first section is our profile.


On this page, you can also change the image, text, background colors, information in the tags, and info about your name or anything else you want to change.

This part of your CV is made for creating a brief personal presentation where you state your professional trajectory, the areas in which you hope to further develop yourself, and what kinds of activities you’d like to take on.

This is when the recruiter will look to see if your goals are compatible with what the Company and position would offer you. One tip is to keep in mind the company’s needs when writing your Bio here, especially if you’re looking to fill a particular job.



On this page, you’ll be able to edit the text to show the experience you have, what you know how to do, what you’re learning, etc.

This section will make clear whether you have the knowledge and skills needed to do the job.  Don’t forget that your work experience should include the name of each company you’ve worked for, the name of your position, a brief description of what you did, and more than anything, your successes there!  A person who includes their successes in their CV is convincing the recruiter of his or her talents and can show that they are an outstanding candidate and not just an average one. Also, take some inspiration from the tags we’ve suggested for you (you can see by hovering your mouse over the icons) to fill in this info.



This page is the most fun to edit and not any less important. Take this chance to highlight the knowledge, skills, and strengths you have. Also, to give more information, you can include a few activities you enjoy doing in your free time.

One trick to quickly edit the bars showing your level of mastery: select the bar and edit the width of the rectangle.(Make sure you unlock the element first by clicking on the padlock symbol!) You’ll find this option also by entering into design mode.




This is the last slide of your new resume. Here you can add the contact information you consider necessary, edit the image, and if you want, change the distribution of the elements.

Template 2 For Interactive CVs


Here’s an interactive CV that’s all on one page.  Like with the last one, you have several sections which you can edit and adapt according to your preferences and needs (text, images, colors, links, etc.) Try itout. It’s super simple, and if you have any questions write us using the chat option available within Genially or email us at support@genial.ly, and we’ll help you make your resume completely awesome.

into a web page or blog. If you have any paid license, you can even download it in PDF, JPG, or HTML form.  Choose the best option for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to make an interactive resume?

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