How to make the perfect pitch for your Startup

If you are an entrepreneur, you’re trying to market your business idea and need to attract investors. Surely on more than one occasion you’ve had to face to the following questions: How can I make the perfect pitch for my startup? What features should I pitch? How long should it be in terms of time and content? Well relax because in this post we want to help answer these questions and will summarize it in interactive computer graphics you can see below so you can make your pitch as simply and quickly as possible.

First of all, let’s clarify what a pitch is. We use this term in English to refer to a simplified and summarized presentation you should do in front of potential investors about your company or business. Therefore, the aim of the pitch is to convince these investors and attract funding for the development and implementation of your startup.

It is important to be clear that a perfect pitch is used to attract the interest of the public and not to bore them with each and every detail that has to do with your company. We want them to stay interested and get to know more about your company, so we must condense the information into a maximum of 10 slides so we must focus on the most important factors.

Here is an interactive infographic where you can find what information each slide must contain to give a successful pitch in front of your potential investors. Aside from the title of slide, you can explore each one to find additional information to complete them.


At Genially, we wanted to make this useful interactive infographic that we found at Entrepreneur News.

I hope that it helps to clarify your concerns and remember that if you found this interesting please share it with your contacts so they can learn as much as you did 😉


Mónica Bernáldez
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