How to: Turning slides touchlessly!

Do you like magic? Then we’re sure you’re going to love this article: today we’re showing you how to go to the next page automatically.

How many times did you need to use the carousel slideshow mode in a presentation and you couldn’t because you had to take care of turning slides? Forget about it from now on with Genially and the “Video Mode”.

The “Video Mode” can be used to make pages turn automatically after a pre-set time. You can find this mode in the “Animation” tab > Open Animate Page. Here you just need to turn it either on or off, and choose the amount of time you want to have between slides.

Now that you know this little secret, go ahead and present your products, pictures or works differently.

What about this presentation?

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Carlos López
Carlos López
UX/UI Designer. Amante de la música y de los buenos momentos. Enjoy everyday!

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