Learn how to change the background and the size of the canvas, and how to use the transitions in Genially

This time we are going to teach in detail all the options that you can edit like the title, change the background and the size of the canvas and apply transition effects that you like.

 1. Title

First, to change the title of our genially we can do it from the head.



2. Dimensions of the canvas.
We can change the dimensions of our canvas from the settings tab.



 3. Background

In this section we find several options to change and edit our canvas.

  1. If we want to change our page’s background, we can choose between uploading a picture, using a background colour or picking up one pic from our gallery.
  2. If we want to turn our canvas blank back for any reasons, we just have to pick the  “Transparent background or white color” and everything will be clear again.

Besides, we can also use different kinds of resources to get an outstanding background, such as videos or animated GIFs.



4. Transitions

The last option we have in the “Animation” tab is to apply a transition effect to our pages. To make it easier to pick one effect, we just have to mouse over all the transitions available in the library to preview them.


screenshot-www genial ly 2016-05-23 11-19-32


The combined result of all these options would be something like this:

Remember: we can also modify the general settings to change the background weave, or to remove the shadow to our page. If you have any doubts watch this video:

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