New categories and new Templates mean a world of new options

At Genially, we love to innovate. This time, our innovation will help you with all of your creations: We’ve upgraded our panel!

The new categories will optimize your work when you’re looking for the Template that works best for you and the story you want to tell.

Now, creating stunning interactive and animated content in Genially is easier than ever. The new categories and Templates will help you teach, present, communicate, and share better.

These are our new creation categories

Presenting the 12 new categories in Genially that you can choose from in the panel. We’re sure you’ll find the Template that fits the content you want to show off.  Want to know more? Click on each category in this genially to discover the most interesting details about each one and tips so you’re sure of when to use each category.

Why use Templates to create?

The Templates integrated into the new categories are predesigned creations, ready for you to fill with your text and visual content (videos, images, gifs, etc.) and  any content you’d like! Want to know why Templates are good for you? Here are 7 good reasons to choose your next Template:

Effective Design

Our team of designers is at your service to offer you Templates filled with details and awesome fonts and color choices that go perfectly with elements and resources that will awaken your audience’s interest.

Ease and Efficiency

They’re easy to use.  Add your content, edit text boxes and elements, and replace images with your own graphic resources. The task is simplified with Genially’s intuitive Editor and Templates.


Templates, even with pre-designed content, give you freedom to customize your creation.  Add your text, images, and colors and even play around with the distribution of elements and resources.  Your personal touch sets it apart.


Make your content stand out against the rest by communicating information in a quick, accessible, and layered way.  Templates distribute content through layers with elements like tooltips and windows. Link different pages together within the Template to complement interactivity. You’ll have a creation that your audience can explore intuitively because Templates create an environment for exploring, a bit like real life.


Templates contain predesigned stunning visual effects that bring your creations to life while adding extra value; they help organize your ideas by importance so that your audience focuses on what’s most important.


Our brain is an expert at learning stories. The preset designs in Templates will help tie your story together with key ideas, improving explanations and adding communicative value. The interactive and animated elements your Templates have create the perfect environment for your audience to explore and contextualize your narrative.  At the same time, they’ll maximize memorization, critical thinking and creativity with the help of the visual metaphors in our Templates.


Reel in your audience through play.  When you gamify, you provoke emotions in your audience, and emotions are the more effective way to connect with your audience.  Match the interactivity, animation and storytelling with games to create a participatory environment that catches your audience’s attention.

As you can see, Genially’s Templates have every detail thought out to cover your need to communicate even without design or programming knowledge.  They condense all the power of a design and programming team into each Template.

What if I want to create from scratch?

Templates are fantastic for starting to get to work, but we know that there are times you’ll want to start from a blank canvas.  We’ve kept your creative needs in mind and have created the “Custom” option to meet those needs.  Though it’s not a category in itself, it’s a space where you can create your design from scratch.  When you choose this option, you’ll be able to pick the size you want your creation to have and will be taken to the Editor with a blank personalized canvas, ready to be filled with your awesome ideas.

Navigate Between Templates

Want to create stunning, visual, efficient content?  Visit the new Panel and navigate between different categories and Templates.

The diversity of Templates that Genially offers, hundreds of which are entirely free, will help you create anything from stand-out interactive images to complex breakouts easily, making them an intuitive visual tool for effective communication.

Try previewing a Template by clicking on it to make sure you’re choosing the creation that best fits the content you want to communicate.

We still have more than 100 pieces of news to tell you

If you’ve already looked around the new panel, and your new ocean of Templates ready to communicate awesome content, you’ll have found over 100 new Templates that we’ve developed.  Our main goal is for you to make stunning, interactive and animated creations, and we know that Templates are an awesome starting point for you to create content on a simple and intuitive platform.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us on social media or by commenting on this post.

All our best from everyone on the Genially team.


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