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These last months we’ve been working really hard to meet every user’s need, and to make a more complete tool out of Genially. To do so, we’ve brought about the following improvements in our platform:

Touch-screen devices

Genially now operates in touch-screen devices. Lots of users requested to be able to work directly on their tablet, for either create or modify their geniallys. Thanks to the HTML5 technology, your work can be now transfered from and to your tablet, and the experience is much more possitive for every user.

Collaborative work

Do you need to work on the same genially with different people? Now that’s posible. From a couple of weeks ago, users can work collaboratively and share their work with anyone. It’s very easy: you just need to send an invitation to your friends. From that moment on, everyone will be able to contribute to your creations with a genius touch.


Chrome Web Store

Si eres de los amantes de Chrome, conocerás perfectamente la Chrome Web Store, un market de aplicaciones donde podrás descargarte las apps que necesites en tu día a día y añadirlas a tu navegador. Pues bien ahora ya puedes agregar Genially a esas aplicaciones geniales que te gusta tener a mano de forma rápida y sencilla en tu navegador.

Chrome Web Store

If you are one of those Chrome enthusiast, you’ll certainly know the Chrome Web Store: an App market to download all the Apps you need and add them to your browser. The good news is that you can add Genially too! Now it will be handy and easely reachable from your browser.



Chema Roldán
Chema Roldán
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