Once upon a time… Storytelling in Education

As a self-proclaimed bibliophile, I’m the first to say that nothing compares to getting so entranced by a book that you don’t even realize you are turning the pages. We connect with the characters in an incredible way. We feel empathy for them, we cheer for the underdog, we cry and laugh with them, and if you are anything like me, when you finish the book you actually miss them. 

This connection that hooks us and makes us feel so deeply is thanks to storytelling. Since the beginning, humans have used storytelling not only for entertainment, but also to express important messages and lessons. Storytelling ensures that our message is memorable and evokes emotion and action. Think about it, is it more effective to tell a child not to tell lies or by telling the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? 

Whether you are an educator trying to reach your students, an entrepreneur talking about your product or service, or an executive wanting to connect with your clients, you can use storytelling to express your message in a more impactful way. 

In this day and age, with the rise in digital communication, it’s important to consider how we can use the tools and resources available to us to ensure effective digital storytelling and visual communication.

Digital Storytelling in the Modern Age

Two tools that can help us with effective digital storytelling are Wakelet and Genially

Wakelet is a tool that allows you to find, organize, and share any content found on the internet. You can incorporate images, text, videos, and more to ensure you are telling a coherent and visually appealing story. (Check out this blog post on using Wakelet for digital storytelling.)

Genially is an all-in-one online tool that allows you to create interactive and animated content in a fast and easy way. By creating content that focuses on our human inclination toward visual communication, we ensure that our message is memorable and engaging. (Here is a blog post about Genially and storytelling through visual communication.)



Wakelet and Genially, therefore, are two tools that can not only allow us to tell a meaningful story and connect with our audience, but to do it in a way that enhances visual communication and ensures our message will stick and be memorable. 

Thanks to this potential, Wakelet and Genially will come together to create a new series of webinars where we will discuss the topics important to educators in today’s modern world.

Our first webinar will dive more into the topic of the importance of storytelling in education, and we have the privilege of having the eTwinz, Alberto & Mario Herraez Velazquez, as our invited guests. The eTwinz are elementary school teachers with a passion for technology who have received numerous awards and accolades for their work on advocating for 21st century educational practices. We are looking forward to hearing directly from these educators on how to incorporate storytelling in the classroom and sharing those ideas with all of you.

Check what time it is for your location:

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From the teams at Wakelet and Genially, we cannot wait to see you there!

Brenna O'Neill
Brenna O'Neill
Instructional Designer and Trainer for Genially users.

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