Our new Stickers and their app in Storytelling. Will you tell me a story?

Histories, Naturally

Ever since humans have been part of the Universe, even before language was developed, telling stories has always been an essential part of the human experience. We communicate through stories, and Storytelling stays with us in classic ways, like in literature, comics, and film.  We also use storytelling in our everyday lives when we talk to those around us.  It’s simply part of human nature.

Storytelling helps us communicate our ideas in a more pleasant and efficient way. It puts an end to tedious explanations where information is communicated robotically. It’s the end of boring meetings and unending classes. Inefficient, boring presentations have been with us too many times…  It’s time to say goodbye!

Visual Narrative

Visual communication is a key tool. It’s easier for us to “read” images than it is to read written text. This is where ideas like Visual Thinking, which helps us take note of visual details through images and simple sketches, comes in. This ability helps us, simplify, structure and connect information to reach goals and achieve efficient visual communication. Genially, thanks to its library of resources, helps us strengthen how much the formal and functional aspects of our digital creations work together to make sense. This way, we create an immersive, communicative environment where true visual stories are developed.

With Genially, you’ll be able to make your visual communication efficient through the creation of incredible communication experiences with interactivity, storytelling and animation.

Storytelling with Stickers

Now is the time to enrich tons of already-developed content as if by magic! In this post, we’ll tell you how to become the monarch of visual stories with Genially’s new Stickers.

Stickers are the new illustrations available in Genially, within the Resource category, which will help you communicate information in a brief and efficient way. They’re visual and versatile elements you can apply to give just the right touch needed for your creations to enrich your narrative.

Try using Stickers when you need a graphic resource that’s more complex than an Icon and lighter on the eye than a Scene. Stickers help bring storytelling together with the power of digital content to build a narrative into your creations, whether they’re presentations, games, Breakouts or video presentations.

What about you… Do you bore or communicate?

Genially turns your digital creations into art by narrating stories that teach. Go on an adventure, and build a communication world similar to the real one with layers of content where concepts can be presented in their context, maximizing memorization, critical thinking and creativity, with visual metaphors. With our new Stickers, stories and key ideas will intertwine, adding extra value to communication that will captivate your audience. What about you… Do you bore or communicate?

We hope that our new Stickers will help you create awesome narratives that excite your audience. What new graphic resources would you like to find in the Editor? Let us know on social media or by commenting on this post.

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