Participate in The Genial Awards and Win an Interrail Trips with Your presentation of Final Year Project or Master’s Thesis

Do you have to create your Final Year Project or Master’s Thesis and want to give a brilliant presentation? Would you like to take a European vacation this summer? If the answers to these questions are “Yes!” then  you are  in luck! This is the first annual Genial Awards.

At the end of each academic year, students everywhere get hit with the cold sweats, nerves, and hours of research to finish their Final Year Project or Master’s Thesis. However, it is not enough to just make a good project. It requires a great presentation and they must also defend your thesis in front of a specialized panel.

We here at Genially, are not oblivious to this fact and we wanted to help! We decided to give university students a wide selection or resources to help them create their presentations. We hope using these resources serves as an important motivation for students to put in a greater effort and more creativity. This motivation is the ‘Genial Awards‘.

The ‘Genial Awards‘ aims to highlight the important role of new technology in Education and Communications. We want to reward students who submit the best Final Year Project or Master’s Thesis made with Genially.

You only need to fill out a brief form (here), and then upload your presentations before June 30. Once you do so, you will enter into the selection process for three categories of awards:

1.- The Popular Prize

2.- The Jury Prize

3.- The Special Prize

The prizes for each category range from Interrail tickets for a trip around Europe, to educational materials, to corporate gifts, to Genially Premium Licenses.

So what are you waiting for? Registration is already open, just go to: and submit with your presentation. For more information, check our contest rules on our website.

Good luck and stay strong:

What looks like the end is only a new start.

Do it different, do it Genially!

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