Resources and initiatives to make remote working and learning easier


Dear community,

As we’re sure you know, the current situation has caused in-person classes to be suspended in numerous education centers and has changed work routines in many places around the world. From Genially, we want to take a step forward to make life a little bit easier for those who have found themselves obligated to stop their normal routines.

Therefore, we are launching a series of initiatives that we hope will facilitate and encourage, whenever possible, distance and remote learning and working. This methodology is an essential path for ensuring that schools, academies, universities, and offices do not lose momentum in these coming weeks.

At Genially we have the goal of offering resources and content to the students, educators and other professionals affected. To this end, we are going to take a series of actions ourselves and join the movements started by other digital platforms in our sector.

Freeing up of premium templates and resources

We have permanently made a total of 150 premium templates, as well as all the categories of premium resources in the Editor (scenes, gallery images, illustrations, silhouettes and backgrounds) available for free use. You can see the list of freed templates here.

This way, students, teachers and other professionals will have access to more diverse and visual material for any topic they wish to work on. This content is now available permanently for free on the platform.

We’ll also continue freeing up more premium templates that adapt to your current needs for teaching and working remotely. To complement this project, our design team will continue to work to design new templates that help you create effective resources for distance communication.

New free feature for all plans: Record your audio!

You’ve been asking for it, and here it is. Now you can record audio directly in your geniallys with the new feature free in the Editor. You can add audio to all your slides or just the ones you choose. Effective communication just keeps getting easier.

Online resources library

Sharing useful content with others is a given thanks to social media. With the hashtag #SharingGenially you can share all kinds of material with the entire community.

The goal is to offer a way to simply find and take advantage of all kinds of content from many fields of knowledge. Sharing your own materials and accessing the whole community’s resource library can help you both teach and learn.

Material to help with virtual learning and remote work

On all our communication platforms you’ll be able to access useful content to keep up on your work and studies. We’ll release posts, videos and webinars to show you what options are available for e-learning and remote work, and we’ll look at new trends that can make it all easier.

If you’re interested in learning the keys to remote work. You can watch or last webinar by clicking on the image.


During this time, we’ll be adding content, templates and initiatives that can contribute to keeping up with work and distance learning.

Thanks so much everyone! Warm regards from the Genially Team.


Do it different, do it Genially!

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