9 April 2019

🚀 We have launched a new notification system. Now we can inform you from within the tool about the latest news, blog posts and new features. When there’s something important you should know, the small bell icon will light up 😉 .

🚀 You can now add pages from other templates directly from the Editor. Until now you could only include pages from another creation or from the same template. Now you have the possibility to combine them in any way you wish. Bear in mind that the pages should be the same size in order to combine them.
How do you do this? From the Editor, click Pages > Add page > Genially templates.

🚀 Also, we have made Genially even more user friendly by adjusting different aspects of the user interface.

🚀 Finally, we have corrected errors and made some performance improvements. Even the best of us don’t get everything right first time 😉 .


We’ll keep you informed!

Do it different, do it Genially!
Category : Releases

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