Score with your online content this Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to attract audience to your blog or web. We are all more relaxed enjoying our free time and with open air activities. The luckiest ones are on holidays. All this improves our mood hence more receptive to consume online content.

Meaning, if you need to announce or communicate something to your public you should take advantage of summertime. It is an opportunity you cannot let it go. If you make quality content and on top of it visual and attractive, you will go, for sure, viral. You will get more visibility, more attention, you will engage your audience and gain new followers. So…What are you waiting for?

With a bit of creativity and imagination you can get great results. Interactive content works pretty well online and Genially wants to help you to make the utmost of yours. That is why we have created a few resources which will help you to  refresh your online content and make it more summery like.

Refreshing templates, resources and backgrounds for summer

If you want to make a difference in your online communication get ready to use one of your summery templates we have created for you. Infographics, presentations, maps, video-presentations, lists… Once you have draft your communication choose the one which suits you better and customize it at your pleased. Here some of the template examples, though the best would be to find them all by yourself! 🙂




We have also include new summer theme resources so you can give a funny and lively touch to your content. There is plenty to choose from!

nuevos recursos gráficos de genially para el verano

And to ease it even more your creativity we have uploaded new backgrounds for you online content: funny, super visual and original! Go to and choose the ones you like the most and loose your imagination!

Hope you have liked our updates for the Summer, and, as always, if you have any questions you can get in touch leaving a comments on posts, through social network (Facebook and Twitter), at, or online chat in our platform, we are delighted to help you.

Happy summer and create awesome content!

Do it different, do it Genially!

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