Still don’t know about the new version of Genially?

A lot of times, the best novelties arrive like this, suddenly and unexpectedly.  That’s the best, when you don’t expect it; it breaks your routine and the breath of fresh air reactivates and excites you.

In this world, everything changes and evolves… and Genially does nothing less. Creativity and innovation are uncontrollable; they fill us with strength and energy to tackle our projects. This strength has led us to launch the new version of Genially. This strength isn’t just our own. That collective intelligence of over 1 million people who currently use the tool has pushed us to make the leap. So thank you. Here’s the new Genially that we’ve made together. Enjoy!


A single platform to create all kinds of stunning interactive contents

As we’ve told you, the new version of Genially was released a few weeks ago.  But we continue with the same goal: to create incredible communication experiences that are more visual, more spectacular, and more memorable and that seduce and surprise your audience.  Plus, every time, the tool should be simpler and more intuitive.

With the launch of the new version, we haven’t just released the new image. We’ve also created a ton of incredible templates and infinite resources (pins, icons, backgrounds, etc.) All these new elements will help you create infographics, presentations, dossiers, educational resources, quizzes, and more digital contents that you’ll be able to use to enrich your webpages and blogs.

Also, we’ve proposed a new goal: to release a new template every day, and we’re achieving it! You can find them daily on our social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook).

Como os contamos, hace unas semanas la nueva versión de Genially vio la luz. Pero seguimos con el mismo objetivo: generar unas experiencias de comunicación alucinantes, más visuales, más espectaculares, más memorables, que enganchen a tu audiencia, que sorprendan. Y que todo esto cada vez sea más sencillo, más intuitivo.

New templates. New functions. New categories

The new version of Genially has been made for and by our users. In addition to updating our image, we’ve implemented features and functions that you’ve suggested as well as many others that make the tool more powerful.

Next, we’ll tell you about some of the most outstanding new features in detail:

  • New template categories that will surprise you (and reel you in) Games, Quizzes, Media, Video Presentations, Lists, and more. Each and every one of them filled with inspiring, fun, and original templates and created to make your life easier.


  • Change the color of your template. Starting now, you’ll be able to change the color of many of the templates. Make them the color you need. You can choose the color in the upper section of the preview for each template.


  • A system to organize your creations by folders that will help you to have them close at hand and easy to find.  This system to classify your geniallys in folders is available to all premium users.


  • New plans for pricing, more closely fit to the needs of our users. Now our plans are divided into “Professional” and “Education” and one of the great new developments in this area is a plan for students.


  • New help platform for users which can be accessed from the “Help” tab in the panel. We’ve created a platform available in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and French) where you can search for EVERYTHING you can think of about the use of Genially.


What do you want to use your contents for online?

With the “new” Genially, you can choose the template that best fits your needs according to what you want to do with it. Here are the new template categories:

  • To present: Showcase your ideas and turn them into unforgettable stories. In this category, you’ll find the following kinds of templates: Presentation, Video Presentation, Dossier and Educational Resources.
  • To interact: Explore, touch, play. Make your contents an experience for your audience. In this category, you’ll find the following kinds of templates: Interactive Image, Media, Game, Quiz.
  • To explain: Visualize data in an attractive and simple format for visual communication.  In this category, you’ll find the following kinds of templates: Infographic, Timeline, List, Overview, Map.
  • To distribute: Make incredible creations enriched with interactivity, animation and online resources. In this category, you’ll find the following kinds of templates: Events, Ecard, Eposter, CV.

Telling great stories has never been this simple

In this new version, we maintain and take to the next level our philosophy:

“Use Genially and feel like a genius”

We’ve done it by adapting the design and different elements of the webpage to the needs of our users, making their experience with Genially simpler and more comfortable. The structure of the panel has changed and been updated to be more intuitive and attractive.

Without a doubt, the new version is even more useful than the one before it; it’s also more visual and incorporates new functions. But in practice, it’s as easy to use as always and with it, you’ll achieve results that will surprise your audience.  Try it now, and tell us about your experience!

Do it different, do it Genially!

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