Surprising Your Audience by Using the “hide” Effect on Genially

Would you like to know what is hiding inside of a home or the human body? Well in this article I will explain how to show your audience just that in the most appealing and fun way. They will also be able to explore the content matter at their own pace and find deeper understanding in what lies behind each element.

You can embed any type of information on Genially and make it interactive. The possibilities are truly endless. It depends on your imagination and your ability to take full advantage of the “hide” effect. Do you have any ideas on how to put it to use?

Here are some examples of what I mentioned earlier. I hope it can serve as an inspiration. The user has to scan the image and slowly discover what is behind the walls of the house or inside the human body. Never has the learning process and finding information been so interactive and entertaining than with Genially!

As you can see, the results vary based on your needs. These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Find a background image that is already sectioned or can be sectioned easily. If it is possible to have the housing (i.e. the top layer that will hide the information) it is better. If not, you will have to draw it or find an image/item to cover the content.
  2. After placing our background image, we load our “lid” images and place them on top of what we want to hide. A piece of advice- these frontal images must have a transparent background if they are not rectangular or square, so you should try to use images with .png format. This way you can correctly visualize what is behind the image and what you are not interested in hiding. Here is the difference between using an image with a transparent background and using one without:

sorprende a tu audiencia con el efecto ocultar

3. Finally select each element and it will apply the “hide” effect. Of course we can add other kinds of interactivity like a message on a tag or window. We can also add drama by the adding an “entrance” effect to each of the elements we have used as shown in the above examples (refresh the page and look at how each item appears).

Once you´ve completed all these steps, you are finished with your creation. Now you just need your friends to discover what awaits inside!

If you found this article interesting, don´t forget to share it with your peers! I am sure you did great!

Carlos López
Carlos López
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