The best tricks for doing a Google search

Hey, how’s it going? Today we’re going to talk about Google. We’re not going to get into its history, evolution, who works there, or who plays ping pong in its offices. Not this time, anyway. Instead, we’ll focus on a series of useful tips for making the most of it: tricks to do the best Google searches. Not just any random list of keywords, but those that will get you to what you want on the first try without losing time and energy finding everything but what you really need.

Below, we’ll show you the small but mighty tricks you’ll be able to use to get the most optimal results in your searches. Wanna know how? Just pass your cursor over the icons in this genially to find out ;).

What’d you think? Did you know any of these tricks? And the most important question… Had you ever used any of them them? Watch how quickly your searches improve when you put them into practice.

We hope you’ve liked this post and, even more importantly, that it’s useful to you. Don’t forget to share it so your friends can become Google search geniuses too!

Carlos López
Carlos López
User Experience Manager & Diseñador Gráfico. Amante de la música y de los buenos momentos. Enjoy everyday!

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