The Genially family is growing! We are already 1 million!

Thanks a million to the awesome users

Reaching one million users registered in our platform is a dream come true to all the Genially team, it was one of the big milestones we had. It’s like having three times all the Iceland populatión using Genially. It might look just like a figure, but this million is just not a number, these are real people like you and me which have decided to embrace a new way of communication! So, we are very proud to say it out loud that we are over 1 million of awesome people in this big family.

We have had all kind of emotions in this journey: hard work, lots of time, big team efforts, meetings, brainstorming, changes, joys, awards, stumbles, celebrations…  there is something though we have for sure, ALL of this wouldn’t be possible without you, each and every user that trusts Genially each and everyday.

There’s tons of content you have created with Genially so far: stunning infographics, striking presentations, super fun quizzes and games, original CV´s… but the best of all was all the community we have created. An AWESOME family formed by students, teachers, designers, journalists who have enriched theirs news with interactive and animated content, publicists, marketers, entrepreneurs who wanted to give a change in their communication, internally and towards the world, one which invites to interact and arouses curiosity.

Thank you for all your support, for your patience, for your advices, for all the great times we spent with you… in short words, thank you for motivating us growing up and do better, let Genially be an intuitive tool in which everyone can create original and attractive online resources in an easy way.

1 million user deserves a big celebration…

To celebrate this great milestone, we´re gonna go crazy:

Get 50% discount purchasing your annual MASTER or EDU PRO license

How can I do it?? Just check our plans and choose one of the above mentioned ones and upon payment just use the corresponding code to get your annual license for half price.

Hope you enjoy this awesome promotion, see you next time #GeniallyFamily!


*Terms and Conditions apply:

  • The promotion is valid until the 18th of June of 2018
  • The promotions is valid for users:
    • With a FREE plan who which to subscribe to an annual EDU PRO or MASTER plan subscription
  • On top of the original price for the annual EDU PRO plan subscription, 50% discount will apply
  • On top of the original price for the annual MASTER plan subscription, 50% discount will apply
  • In the next billing cycle original values will be charged
  • The subscription shall be made from Genially´s platform
Do it different, do it Genially!

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