The new version of Genially is here!

As you may already know, we have spent a lot of time working on the new version of Genially and the day has finally come when we can share it with you… presto, presto … Here you go. How exciting!


We have really been wanting to share Genially 2.0 and today we can say that it is finally available to everyone. What do you think? We really hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Needless to say, it was made with all the enthusiasm, affection, and good intent from everyone on our team 😉

Change is hard for everyone and we ask for your patience so you can gradually adapt to the modifications we have incorporated and any errors that will surely appear during the first few days. Our only goal is to make our tool even more intuitive, easy to use, more visual, and attractive. In this new version, we have tried to implement all of your ideas and suggestions that we have gathered, so we have to thank the hundreds of people who have given us their feedback. We will continue working every day to improve the product and trying to amaze you.

Once you begin browsing, you’ll have a new Genially account where you will see that although some things have changed aesthetically, many features and options have been upgraded. For example, interactive content is now more user friendly, animations are more direct, and pins are divided into clearer categories, and the resources categories are more expanded with new options like…GIFS. Is that great or what? Another new feature is that you can now customize your background– change colors or add images for many new Genially options.

Workspace nueva versión de genially

The truth is we do not want reveal too many new features of the new Genially. We prefer that you explore it for yourselves and tell us that you think. We want your first-hand opinions! You can always leave comments on this post or write to us at; and would be more than happy to help you.

See you in version 2.0!


Do it different, do it Genially!

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