This Halloween… Bring your contents to life!!

The countdown begins for our night of trick-or-treating complete with creative jack-o-lanterns and terrifying costumes.  Halloween is here, and so Genially has got our back for yet another year of the fight against lifeless zombie contents that invade the internet. How? With a ton of templates, icons, resources, and interactive contents that’ll help us bring our blogs and webpages back from the dead.

Each year, more people around the world join in the Halloween fun, and during this time terrifying contents are everywhere! It’s important to take advantage of this time to bring your creations back to life like they’re Frankenstein.  We’re bringing you a huge amount of resources and templates for this ‘Day of the Dead’. Don’t miss out!


Want to have a themed party, promote your business, say “Happy Halloween” from your company, organize an event, or just send something original to your friends? Don’t miss all that we’ve prepared.  Keep reading for surprises that’ll help you and give you ideas so that you can get all you can out of your most terrifying creations.

At Genially we’ve set our eyes on the goal of bringing dead and static creations to life.  Those contents that don’t offer anything of value and that teeter between life and death, unoriginal and boring….  we want to awaken all the monsters of the next world, giving its creators the tools they need to bring that work back to life.


Just like Frankenstein in the hands of his creator, where a series of lifeless pieces were transformed into a creature full of feeling.  That’s Genially’s goal: that all digital contents transmit something, allowing their audience opportunities to interact with them, conveying all sorts of emotion, accented with touches of animation.  They should have unique value.

And now so you can start bringing your contents to life, you’ll see some templates and examples that we’ve created just for Halloween. You’ll be able to invite your friends to a party, announce an event, make an album with the best photos from that night, and much more.  We hope that they inspire you to make your creepiest creations yet and that they help you seduce your audience.





What are you waiting for to take the plunge and bring your contents to life?  Here you’ll find al the templates and resources you need.  Enjoy the spookiest night of the year! AAAAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHH!

Mónica Bernáldez
Mónica Bernáldez
Periodista, publicista, blogger. Comunicadora de toda la vida ;-)

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