This is Halloween!

There’s so little time left before the most terrifying night of the year and here at Genially, we’ve decided to go all out giving away prizes, bats and brains to all who will listen. Still, everything has an explanation, and this year we’re going to sew the seeds of panic with everyday terrifying situations through the use of digital technology.

Want to know what we’re talking about? Bury yourself deep under the covers and turn off the lights:

A brilliantly horrifying story

As of many many years ago, in a village deep in the Web called Computy Hollow,  lives a truly terrifying presentation named “Untitled”. Through the years, the rest of the creations in the village had updated their look and gone traveling to new destinations like WiFi City and the city of “The Cloud”. But our spine-chilling presentation continued to live in isolation, without contact with the other creations, filled with the same kind of content that was made some 20 years before.
One night, as she slept, the presentation began to have ghastly dreams… She dreamed that she was trying to travel to visit an infographic friend of hers, but she and her baggage were too heavy to travel by Mail Airlines. She thought about sending her friend a photo, but since it couldn’t be updated automatically, her photo would continue to be the one they’d taken of her 20 years ago… Desperate, she tried to call a friend for help, but she didn’t have internet connection… Finally, she attempted to get in touch with her through social media, but she couldn’t insert or integrate herself with the different networks and she saw her chances slip further and further away as she sank into deep isolation in this terrifying and boring place…

She woke up so scared that she almost jumped right out of the folder where she lived. The presentation came face to face with her boredom of feeling so alone and being afraid of ending up completely obsolete. She was tired of seeing herself at conferences where the rest of the presentations stood out so much more than she did, tired of having to go to graphic designers each time she needed a change, while the rest of the presentations could be updated beautifully with no need for design knowledge, tired of being so long, dense and horrifyingly boring…

And with all of these thoughts, as bored as she was, October 31st arrived. It would have been just another day for her, had it not been for the other creations that visited her village with stunning interactive elements for Halloween and truly hair-raising animations. A tight fearful smile spread slowly across her face until she couldn’t take it anymore. She needed to be relevant again and decided to update her look.

On the night of the dead, our presentation decided to come back to life and traveled to WiFi City, meeting experts in interactivity and animation. She learned to update her look, and each time she made a change to any part of herself, her text and photos were automatically updated too. She inserted herself into all of the social networks and even established a special relationship with some like Twitter, who she’d later integrate with completely.

She began to feel lighter, as instead of having 50 slides covered in text, she started to embed and insert all that information into interactive elements. She lost all her extra baggage and became neater and more organized. Now she’d be able to travel with Mail Airlines and was free to go anywhere. She felt happy and whole.

One day, after a year of travel and knowledge gained, she returned to Computy Hollow to visit the place that had been her only home for over 20 years. When she arrived, she heard the music of a show being put on in the “Desktop Square” of her village. It was a presentation contest and all the creations were there, ready to shock and terrify the villagers on the night of Halloween.

She’d always run from these kinds of events, but this time, she decided to give her presentation. In under 5 minutes, she added hundreds of spooky details to surprise her audience. She looked for videos, images and horror stories to integrate in her slides. She included animations that would pop out when her audience least expected it and embedded most of her content inside of interactive elements to keep boredom at bay.

When the organizers asked her if she needed to be printed before the presentation, she replied: No, it won’t be necessary. All I need is internet. Our presentation walked up to the stage, taking in the surprised faces of the other villagers, and left everyone there dead in their tracks. Not actually dead, of course…

After more than one well-deserved applause, as she stepped down from the stage, the presenter asked her for her Artistic Name, and she answered, “My name is Genially, and I fight against boredom”. From that day on, our presentation would never feel isolated or afraid. She continued to change and adapt herself to all kinds of events, leaving the rest of the creations in the digital world stone cold…

To be continued…

Now it’s your turn…

Are you ready to shock everyone with truly terrifying creations? Starting today, until October 31st, we will give away dozens of licenses, discounts and prizes on our social networks.

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Happy Halloween to everyone

from the Genially Team!


Javier Rubio
Javier Rubio
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