Tips and trick you need to know to do some magic with Genially

Welcome to Geniallymaniac one day more! Do you like magic tricks? Well, today we’re going to show you some tips for Genially that will make you work more efficiently. Are you ready? Let’s make awesome things!

We know that more than once you’ve found yourself lost when doing something because you didn’t know how you were supposed to do it. But you know what? From now on efficiency will be a new word in your own personal dictionary.

What you’re about to read is a series of tips and shortcuts that can be done in Genially. You may already know some of them, but we’re sure that we’re going to discover you some new ones. So, without further ado, let’s do it Genially!

1. Replacing an Image

This is a very useful option. Sometimes we have an image already in place but we want to replace it because we don’t really like it, because it’s a new page or just because. Then, if we want to replace it with another image, we just need to:

  1. Pick the image we want to replace
  2. Look for the icon “View image” in the upper tool bar. It will allow us to change the image.
  3. Search and upload the desired image.

2. Image Cropping

There will be times in which we’re going to need just part of an image, and it’ll have very particular dimensions. Of course we can use external tools, but we have the possibility to crop our image in Genially, what quickens up the process.

We just have to:

  1. Pick the image
  2. Look for the scissors icon in the upper tool bar and click in.
  3. The pixels indicator will show the dimensions we’re using while we’re cropping the image.

3. Distorting an Image or Resource

As you already know, once an element is selected, it can be proportionally resized using the scale at the bottom right corner of it. However, there’s a shortcut you can use: just keep the Shift key pressed while you drag the scale. This way you can make the element look exactly as you want.

We do recommend not to distort your images unless it’s strictly necessary though, because once you break the proportions, the results may not get as good as expected.

deformar imagen con genially
4. Circular Frame

This is a very interesting trick because we can turn a polygonal image into a circular one.

This option can be found, once more, in the upper tool bar of our selected objetc. The icon we’re looking for is a spray can. Furthermore, there are other options we can use instead of the circular frame.

5. Multiple Selection


Selecting multiple elements at once and move them to a different place altogether it’s a pretty useful option, isn’t it? We just need to press the Shift key and click in those objects we want to select.

seleccion multiple con genially6. Undo

How many times have you moved an element by mistake? In Genially you have the possibility to undo some of those unfortunate changes. This option can be found in the upper tool bar, right next to Genially’s logo.

deshacer con genially 2
7. Creating a new page from a template

With this trick we can actually copy pages that we’ve used in previous projects and add them to our current one. We just have to:

  1. Go to our Pages in the right side panel
  2. Add a new page
  3. Select one of our genially
  4. Select the page deseired
8. Genially’s Resource Browser

We’re sure that, more than once, you’ve probably needed a previously used resource that you deleted or you couldn’t find any more. Well, don’t worry because you have an option in Genially to reuse all those resources. Just go to the “Resources” tab and, at the last option – “My resources”, pick “Look for resources from my previous Genially”. Then just look for the genially you want, and select and drag the element in.

9. Changing the Colour in Forms and Figures

The colour of some of the resources in Genially’s library can be changed too. How? We just have to pick our resource and then change the colour at the upper tool bar.

10. Public or Private

Sometimes we’ll want to hide the information in our genially. The good news is that we can make our work to be private.

In order to do that, we have to go to the “Settings” tab and switch from public to private mode or vice versa. Remember to set a password for your Genially when you use the private mode, and that’s it!

11. Problems with the HTML code

This is probably the most useful tip you’re going to read today. You’ve might struggled a little when embedding your genially in a website, blog, Moodle etc. (except for WordPress, where it is not allowed), right?

Because, when we copy our HTML code, that looks something like this:

<iframe width="100%" height="506" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And we want to visualize it in our site, the genially just doesn’t work. What did we do wrong? Absolutely nothing. The only reason it’s not working is because of the security protocols of the website. But there’s a simple solution: we just need to add an “s” to the http in the HTML code. It should look like this:

<iframe width="100%" height="506" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

With this little trick, the error should be solved. In case it still doesn’t work, there are only two possibilities left: the protocols don’t allow this kind of links, or they may need a further inspection and setting.

12. Designer Mode

Probably, sometimes we need to be very precise with the positioning of our elements or need deform an object with certain dimensions. For that we need active design mode. We found it in the upper right corner displaying the menu.

modo diseñador

13. Guías magnéticas

The guides, as its name suggests, is a resource that will allow us to guide us to place our elements more precisely. Of course, we must not forget that we can use the positioning coordinates in pixels by activating the design mode. But sometimes it is not strictly necessary and can make use of these guidelines.

These magnetic guides appear to join two elements by a dotted blue line.


We’re sure these little tips and trick will come handy more than once, and we absolutely hope you to use them!

And remember: if you want your coworkers to be as efficient as you are, then go ahead and share this article with them!

Carlos López
Carlos López
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