Turn your static content (PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, etc.) into enriched content in Genially

How to put your creations into orbit, taking them from static to WOW!

In this post, we’re going to take a trip into the future like Doc and Marty McFly in the Delorean. We’re going to turn your presentation into a genially, and we’ll give you the key to enriching your creation and putting it into orbit.

We recently launched the import from PowerPoint feature that lets us transform your past projects in other tools into geniallys and enrich them.

So read this post and get ready to make the leap from PowerPoint to Genially. Leave behind old static content for interactive ones that are out of this world.



Transforming your files in Genially

Now you can transform your .pptx files in Genially, as long as they don’t exceed  100 Mb. If you have creations from platforms like Keynote, Google Presentations, Free Office Suite, Apache OpenOffice or in PDF, don’t worry.  You can still make use of this awesome feature. Here, we tell you how.

How to turn your PDF (*.pdf) files into geniallys

Turning your .pdf files into .pptx ones is easy thanks to online tools like  Small PDFI Love PDF or EasyPDF which has no ads, no limitations and is a totally anonymous tool. These tools allow you to convert your files for free, without installing or signing up for anything

Let’s look at how to turn a PDF into a .pptx file with Small PDF. Just select or drag in a PDF file to transform it and click on “to powerpoint”. In a few minutes, you’ll have your .pptx file ready to download. Ready to import into Genially!

How to turn your Keynote (*.key) presentations into geniallys

Transforming your Keynote presentation into a .pptx is a painless process you can complete within Keynote itself. With the presentation open, go to File > Export to > PowerPoint > Next > Export. Now your keynote is ready to be turned into a genially.

How to turn your OpenDocument (*.odp) presentations into geniallys

Presentations from Google, Free Office Suite and Apache OpenOffice share the OpenDocument (.odp) format when saving presentations. To turn your .odp into a .pptx, just save the file with the .pptx extension.

For Google Presentations, click on File > Download as… > Microsoft PowerPoint. Now your document will be ready as a pptx waiting to be turned into a genially.

How to turn your Microsoft PowerPoint 1997-2003 (*.ppt) presentations into geniallys

To turn a Powerpoint Presentation from the 1997-2003 version with a .ppt format into a pptx, just open your file in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or more recent version. Then, click on File > Save as > PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx) > Save. Then, just import your pptx into Genially.

How to turn your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and later (*.pptx) presentations into geniallys

If your original creation is a.pptx, you don’t need to follow any extra steps! Just, access your panel in Genially and select one of these categories: Presentation, Video Presentation or Dossier, where you’ll find the button to import from PowerPoint. In this article we’ll give you all the details.

Tips to leave everything perfect

Sometimes, the process of transforming a PowerPoint in Genially needs a few small adjustments. Keep reading for some tips to leave your creation ready for interactivity.


Size of text boxes

The text boxes will have their size just large enough for their content.  This may create problems when viewed in screens with sizes different than the one you use when editing. To solve this situation before it happens, we recommend that you make the text boxes slightly larger.


If you’ve used a special font, it may be switched to a generic one. You can change the type of font and its size by selecting the text box and choosing a new font in the upper toolbar in the Editor. This can be done to each text box individually or by selecting multiple text boxes at the same time and then applying changes.

If you can’t find the font you are looking for, you can always add your own fonts with the premium feature    My brand.


The spacing may have changed during the transformation process if the font has changed.  To adjust the spacing between lines, select one or more text boxes with multiselection, and choose the spacing you prefer by clicking on  Spacing , in the horizontal toolbar. Awesome!  Now your content is more legible.

Image masks

During importation, the cropped images that had a mask applied to them in PowerPoint may not be clearly visible.  With this trick, we’ll show you how to add stunning visual impact through masks that change the look of your images.

When you select an image on the canvas, we’ll see a circular masks icon  on the horizontal toolbar.  There, you can select the mask that fits your needs. Plus, you can edit how far the mask reaches with the crop option.

Elements that may have disappeared

In rare occasions, if your PowerPoint contains an image with an uncommon format, it may disappear during importation.  Don’t worry. You can check out the Image category in the Media option on our Editor’s vertical toolbar.

Explore the library of images in Genially, insert royalty-free images from Pixabay, paste the link of an Internet image to have it appear on your canvas, or use Giphy, the most popular animated gif database online to add humor to your geniallys.  You can even upload an image directly from your computer. You’re sure to find some element that fits your creation perfectly.

Navega entre la galería de imágenes de Genially, inserta imágenes imágenes libres de derechos directamente desde Pixabay, pega el enlace de una imagen de Internet para que se aplique sobre tu lienzo de trabajo, usa Giphy, el buscador de gifs animados más famoso de Internet para dar vida y un toque de humor a tus geniallys e incluso carga una imagen directamente desde tu equipo. Seguro que encuentras algún elemento que encaja a la perfección con tu creación.

Turn your content into an awesome creation

Once you have imported your PowerPoint into Genially and have adjusted the details, you’ll be ready to enrich static content easily, applying stunning animations and interactivity to achieve awesome results with minimal effort.

Genially with revive your PowerPoint creations with improvements like impactful animations, awesome interactivity and the ability to integrate content which allows you to insert anything from a video to a form in your creation.  Keep reading to learn how to make standard creations WOW in just a few clicks.


Genially allows you to animate and add movement to your work quickly and intuitively.  This allows you to guide your audience and focus their attention on the most relevant aspects of your presentation.

Available animations can be found on a tab on the right side of the editor called Animation.

You can also access this panel by clicking on the Animation icon that appears above an element when selected.

There are four basic types of Animation: Entrance, Exit, Continuous and Hover.

You can also animate the page transitions for an even greater effect.


The interactivity in Genially enriches your old PowerPoints with layers of content that not only offer interactivity to your content but also put your information in order of priority, allowing your audience to go from passive spectator to protagonist.

Just like with animation effects, you can access the interactivity menu with a tab found on the upper right part of the editor or by selecting an element.

Genially offers four types of interactivity.

  • Tooltips:

Tooltips are best used for showing short content and they are activated when you hover your cursor over then element. We recommend you use them for text with less than 300 characters for optimal viewing.

  • Windows:

Windows are better for larger amounts of content than tooltips. The content can be viewed when an element is clicked on.

  • Go to page:

Interactivity through pages in your genially allows you to freely navigate around your creation.  The world isn’t linear. Create connections between content independent of the page number you are on.

  • Links:

You can also link your creation with an external link. Interactivity via link that takes your audience to another webpage is not recommended as your audience will leave your creation.

The creation of interactive layers of content helps to scale information to make it easier to understand and process.  When you transform the concepts you want to communicate into interactive exploratory content presented in layers, you capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to participate actively.  You also clarify the message you want to communicate.


When you transform your PowerPoint presentation into a genially, you integrate all your web content in one place. This avoids having your audience leave the main content to see supporting web content. So you maximize all the power of the internet and your content..

Integrating content in Genially is easier than you could ever imagine. Any web content you consider worth including can be embedded (HTML). We recommend that you add it to your genially from the insert menu, simply pasting its code.  In this post, we’ll tell you how to insert documents in your creation.  Plus, in the Genially help center you can find a step-by-step guide on how to embed content like audios and music that plays by itself, PDFs, a calculator or even an interactive map.

Genially allows you to embed content from over 400 web providers including videos, audios, social media, calendars, interactive graphs, and almost any kind of content you want to add quickly and easily to your creation.

Now you have all the knowledge you need to transform your old PowerPoints into stunning geniallys. Leave boring creations in the past and leap into the future of content to captivate your audience and communicate as never before.


What did you think about these tricks? Let us know on social media or by commenting on this post.

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