Twitter in Genially: embed it using 3 different techniques

In this tutorial we’re going to show you different ways to embed Twitter in Genially. Depending on our needs, we will embed someone’s timeline, a particular tweet or a hashtag timeline.

There are several occasions in which we would need to show or share a tweet that we like or consider important. However, the only way to do that today is retweeting it. Luckily, Genially has come up with some solutions: we are now going to be able not only to embed a tweet in a window or in the canvas, but also to make it fully interactive. In other words, we’re going to be able to “like”, answer and retweet it. Does it sound good to you? Keep reading!

  1. The simplest option is to embed a specific timeline. In this tutorial you can learn how. Let’s refresh the first tutorials, shall we? We just need to log in the Twitter account and open the options panel in the upper right corner, beside the “Following” button.

embeber twitter

If we click in “Embed this profile”, a pop-up window will show up with some options to edit and preview our profile. Once all the features are set, we click in “create widget” and copy it.
tweets en genially

The last step will be going back to our workspace in Genially, paste the code in the third box of the “Embed” tab and click “embed”.

Now we just have drag the timeline to our canvas and place it wherever we want.

  1. What do we do if we just want to embed one particular tweet? Easy: after we’ve decided which tweet we want to embed, we will open the options panel and click “Embed tweet”.

insertar tweet en genially

The code will appear in pop-up window. We copy it and go back to Genially again.

codigo para insertar tweet

There, we just have to paste that code in the third box of the “Embed” tab, click in “embed” and drag it to the canvas.

  1. Last but not least, we might want to embed a particular hashtag timeline about any event, something that went viral or just anything we like for no particular reason.
    First thing we need to do is to write the hashtag in Twitter’s browser, located in the upper part of the window.

hashtag twitter

It will redirect us to that hashtag’s timeline. Now, in order to get the code, we will open the options panel and click in “embed this search”.

genially con twitter

The pop-up window will be identical to the one in the first case, but this time it will contain only the tweets with the hashtag we picked up.

tweets con hashtag

The only thing left to do is to repeat the same steps we’ve done before: we copy the code, paste it in the third box of the “Embed” tab in Genially and drag it to our canvas.

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