Element Sets are born: Stronger Together

Now you have a new resource available in Genially to increase agility when you design and edit your creations: Element Sets. These resources help you to create high-impact designs in seconds with predesigned resources and font combinations that you can drag onto your canvas. This way, even without design knowledge, you can make sure everything goes together.

What are element sets?

Element Sets are groups of resources with a predefined format to help you create and customize your designs quickly and easily. Focus on the content. Genially will take care of the rest. Want to know how?

Types of Element Sets

Let’s get to know the types of Element Sets you can use to make creating faster. Within the Editor, you can find Sets of Text, Numbers and Buttons with Text with carefully combined fonts.

Text Sets

· The Text Sets have various text boxes with selected fonts and a setup that guarantees efficient communication. You can find them in the “Text” menu within the Editor. Use them to prioritize information and add a stylistic touch. You’ll have a perfectly formatted page in seconds.

Buttons with Text

· Buttons with Text. Within the Interactive Elements menu (icono), you can find Buttons with Text, Sets made up of a shape, an icon and text. Just like the rest of our interactive elements their ultimate goal is to serve as a resource you can later make interactive.

Numbers and letters

· Numbers and letters. In “interactive elements” you can find this new category which will help you have sets of text and numbers along with a graphic which you can use as a list of numbers, headings, etc.

Remember that you can change the size and color of the resources’ elements and you can also edit them individually.

4 moments where element sets will make you more efficient

Sometimes we know what we want to say but we have a hard time finding the perfect design for our creation. This situation is solved efficiently thanks to the new Element Sets available in Genially that help with efficiency in four key aspects of creation:

1 · Font selection

Roman, gothic, venetian, transition, egyptian, sans-serif… the range of possibilities that we are faced with when choosing a font to work with is huge. Sometimes we’re not sure what kind of font to use. Choosing one or another changes the way we communicate our information. Element Sets help choose fonts by offering you ready-to-use designs with legible, dependable and powerful fonts that enrich your creations.

2 · Combine fonts and elements

Choosing a font isn’t the only important aspect when designing a page. You should also know how to combine it with other fonts to strengthen your message. You’d need to choose each font’s size, contrast, weight, texture, etc. Element sets solve problems with one click. When you choose an element set, the fonts will go perfectly together while maintaining a balanced esthetic.

3· Buttons and calls to action

Similarly, the Element Sets will help you create interactive buttons by fusing fonts and resources. Choose the button that best fits your creation and customize the text and icons we have put together for you. Now it’s easier than ever to take your audience where you want them to go.

4 · Optimize work time

As you can see, a good design requires technical knowledge and time invested. The Element Sets will help you communicate efficiently and drastically reduce work time without needing design knowledge.

Here’s an example where we’ve used a Text Set to design this genially’s title.


Remember, to get awesome designs with our Element Sets, just choose the type of Set you need, drag it over to the canvas, and write in your text. You’ll have a set ready for its dose of interactivity and animation!

We hope you enjoy the new Sets, which are a Free feature.

Don’t forget… stronger together 😉

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know on social media or by commenting on this post.

Warm wishes from the Genially Team.

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