We Now Have 100,000 Genial Users in Our Family!

We are so full of emotion over this big news. We now have 100,000 genial users!! And the number keeps on climbing 😉

This week has been full of great things. Our founders, Juan Rubio (CEO) and Chema Roldán (CTO), returned to Spain on Tuesday after an amazing trip to Silicon Valley. They went to an event to get Genially better known around the world- and they did great! On Wednesday we had our first Genially Ambassadors training session! It was full of good vibes and enthusiasm for everyone involved. We have been so delighted to see the response from so many people who support us and trust us: teachers, journalists, designers, graphic designers, marketers, advertisers and people who help us make a better tool every day and spread the word wherever they go.

And the cherry on top came at the end of the week. We woke up today to the unbelievable news that we have 100,000 Genially users! What more can you ask for? We know it is a great responsibility and we go forward full of hope. We will continue making Genially a great tool to help you to amaze everyone with your infographics, posters, microsites, and other enhanced digital content with interactive content and animation. Never forget that the only limit is your imagination!

Here is a photo of Genially team so you can put a face to a name. We hope you like it! If you hover the mouse over each pin you can learn our names and what we do here.


THANK YOU to each and every one of you that has taken this journey with us because without YOU none of this would be possible. Thank you, thank you, and thank you- 100,000 times!

Do it different, do it Genially!

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