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Hi Genially’s people,

It’s been hard, but we made it! And today we are happy to announce that we’re launching the blog “Do it Genially”. This idea has been conceived with the aim to provide a wonderful space for queries, questions and collaboration, available for everybody. The doors are widely open for you to come in and discover the Genially’s World.

We’ve often insisted on the fact that “Genial.ly isn’t a mere technological product, but a philosophy and a new approach to look at our world”. However, this statement is really beginning to take shape with this blog: we don’t want it to be the usual corporate product, but a brand new space open to the entire world. We want “Do it Genially” to be a place where innovation is encouraged as the road to success, or in other words, where people are inspired “to do different things… To do awesome things”.

Subjects as efficient communication, creativity, storytelling, design, neuroscience and technological innovation in education, marketing and media, will be included in this blog. We will of course talk about Genially too, and not as an end in itself, but especially as a mean to reach all those goals.

The blog is divided into 5 different categories:

  • Do it different. The target of this section is to talk about Genially as the preferred tool used for proyects or innovative creations in education, marketing and media.
  • #ItisAwesome. Here we will focus on every awesome aspect of our world, from amazing people, to stunning places or those little extraordinary things that make life special. It will be our personal tribute to this remarkable planet, where sometimes however, we only pay attention to negative things.
  • From steady to fiery. This section will be dedicated to show as many examples as possible about how traditional static contents may reach a whole new dimension thanks to interactivity and dynamism.
  • Geniallymaniac. “How to do awesome things without being a genius” is the main topic of this section. We will give you some amusing tricks and tips to develop sensational creations, and we’ll make you to be real “masters of the rich contents”.
  • Updates from Genially. In this section you will find corporate news from Genially. In other words, we will talk about all the current technological and business news that may be interesting for our community.

To sum up, We’d like to reaffirm our determination to make this blog to be an open space to everyone. To that end, we invite every professional to create “awesome things”, and we extend our invitation to every single person who has something “great” to tell. Please, contact us if you want to contribute to this proyect for the sake of imagination, inventiveness and innovation.

Without further details, we warmly welcome you. We’re positive we’re meant to do extraordinary things together.

Juan Rubio. Genial.ly CEO

Juan Rubio
Juan Rubio
Sin diversión no hay creatividad, Sin creatividad no hay innovación. Sin innovación no hay éxito.

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