We’re releasing Genially’s new viewer! It’s an experience!

A few weeks ago we told you that at Genially we’d launched our new version and with it a new image, and now we have another novelty ready for you: today Genially’s new “viewer” is out.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, it’s the way of visualizing your contents created with Genially. This can be done from the panel or from the editor by clicking on the icon “preview”  or “share” .

Our intention in implementing the new viewer is to create a more intuitive and usable experience. Here are the main novelties and improvements that have been introduced and the advantages they offer:

  • Detecting interactivity: This is one of the new star features. Starting now, when you see contents created with Genially, if the page you’re on has at least one interactive element, a hand like this one will appear in the upper right hand corner. When you click on it, it’ll show you all the elements that are interactive.
  • Video mode with player: If you’ve activated the video mode for your contents, when you view them, a video player like this one   will appear to make it easier to use. Also, the navegation interface between pages is now more complete and intuitive.
  • Gifs load when you enter into a page: Now gifs start moving when you view the page you’re on instead of along with the genially as it loads as a whole.
  • Improvements in performance: Your contents in Genially will load faster now.
  • Both the exclusive page and the social page have been redesigned: We’ve looked for a cleaner design, and as such, we’ve changed the distribution and design of the buttons that appear in each genially. The small dots that appear below to represent each page of the genially are gone in favor of a box where you can see the total number of slides in your creation or go directly to the slide you want.
  • New vertical buttons: If your contents have vertical transitions between slides, the buttons will adapt to the kind of transition you’ve chosen.
  • Redesign of tooltips and windows: Rounder shapes with a clearer and simpler design.
  • Share on Whatsapp: Within our display, we’ve included a new social media tool: Whatsapp, through which we can share our creations. It’s especially thought out for viewing a genially on a smart phone.

And in case this isn’t enough, to celebrate the launch of our new viewer, we’ve created over 20 new templates that you now have at your disposal in various categories like maps, time processes, lists, etc. Just as this great occasion deserves! We hope you enjoy them and that they help you create awesome contents.

Do it different, do it Genially!

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