What Can Your Corporate Visual Identity Do For You?

Now you can manage your brand’s Corporate Visual Identity from the “My Resources” tab on your Genially control panel. 

Humans understand the world through symbols, shapes, and colors.  We’re visual beings.  Did you know that 70% of our sensory receptors are located in our eyes?

Our brain distinguishes and identifies elements that it recognizes, and it immediately gives them a meaning and value.  It does this with brands and their corporate visual identity. A commercial identity’s highest aspiration is to be easily recognizable. And something people will want, of course. To this end, a company will invest countless hours, energy, and resources.  All to create the perfect brand.

What all goes into a corporate visual identity?   The answer is everything that ensures that a brand is coherent, goes along with its values, connects with its target audience, and is attractive. Elements as simple as color, typography, logotype, and isotype and a company’s corporate materials make a company perfectly recognizable.

I’m sure that a lot of the time, by simply seeing part of a logo, typography, the color of a sign or billboard, or a style of clothing, you could link it to company within fractions of a second.  I’ll even go a step further.  I’m sure that you’d immediately link that brand to an adjective.  Normally, this adjective that comes to our mind is one that the majority of other people will also immediately think.  This is a company´s main goal, to create an idea that’s accessible, common, and put together for its whole audience.  Want to try this theory out?  Think about three brands (as a suggestion: RedBull, Apple, and Nike), assign 2 adjectives to each one and have a friend or family member do the same.  Did you come up with some of the same words?

In the end, this is why brands were created: to differentiate a product, service, or company from the rest in the same way that our names give us an identity to be known by.  If we leave a footprint behind and create a corporate visual identity that’s coherent, we’ll have done a good job.  But it’s not easy, and not all companies achieve this goal.

Now, how will this affect the user or consumer? Everyone likes to use products that they already knew about; the previous knowledge offers credibility and trust of the product.  We like to know what we’re buying and who’s making it.

For this reason, all branding should keep in mind the careful manipulation of its image and component parts so that the final product (brand) is easy to recognize.

At Genially, we’ve taken the ability of a company, working professional, or brand to manage its corporate visual identity very seriously.  We’ve created an option that we’re sure you’ll love, the ability to make full use of the “My Resources” tab.  There, you can include your colors, typographies, images, and corporate backgrounds.  Now I’ll show you how to do it.

You’ll find this option on the main panel once you’ve logged in. 2017-04-20 10-25-23

Click on “My Resources”, and you’ll see this screen: 2017-04-20 10-27-32

As I said before, here you’ll be able to add your own color palettes, typographies, backgrounds and images.

When you add items, they’ll appear in your workspace in their corresponding category.

In the following video, I’ll show you what it’s like to work with these resources.

Keep in mind that this option only appears for users who have a Masters license or above. Check your license or upgrade here.

We hope that with this new option you can better manage your corporate visual identity.

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Carlos López
Carlos López
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