What’s a mind map and how can I make it fully interactive?

It’s great to see you again! Today we’d like to talk about mind maps, explain why they’re so useful and give you some tips to create them correctly.

First things firts: what’s a mind map? It could be explained as “a technique used to depict knowledge graphically. A conceptual map is a net of concepts. In this net, the nodes are the concepts, and the links are the relations between those concepts”.

Why are they so great?

Because they are a very efficient method to take out information and memorize it. They are a pretty logical and creative way to take notes and speak your mind, and they just literally consist of drawing your ideas about a subject. In other words, they’re just a way to organize ourselves and make our life easier.

Active learning is what makes a person to stand out and be successful, and creating mind maps is just an easier way to achieve this kind of learning. Thanks to them, we get a big picture of the subject we’re studying and we also boost our imagination.

Then… When will I be using a mind map? And why do I need it?


A mind map can be used in any context of our everyday life. It can be used while studying and in order to get a general view of the subject, to face daily problems, to organize a trip or for any project for work. Creating a mind map couldn’t be simpler; most of the times we just need a pencil and some paper. However, if we want it to be longlasting, collaborative and easily shareable, then we will make it digital. And of course, we can always decide how creative we’re going to get according to the target audience.

All mind maps have common elements that identify them as such. And to make it easier to understand how to create one, we’ve listed 9 key aspects of a mind map in the genially down below:

There are several tools to create mind maps, and we’ve picked up the free web tools that we like the most to create them very simply. And what’s best, they can be embedded in Genially!

We’re talking about Mindmeister or Bubbl because both of them are very user-friendly and pretty intuitive. Once you’re done creating our mind map, you just have to repeat the same steps as usual: share your work, copy the link or html code, and copy it in Genially, in the Contents tab or inside a pop-up window, up to you.

You can also create your mind maps directly in Genially, obviously. With this option you already have some templates you can use and modify, which is really convenient. Moreover, you can make them interactive and include windows and tags with the info you want: videos, pictures, links, texts…

Template 1
Template 2


Studying’s never been that easy and amazing!

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