Wikipedia is celebrating its 15th birthday! Discover some curious facts about it and how it got here!

It’s been 15 years since Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia par excellence, broke into people’s homes worldwide. And when I say worldwide I mean it literally: it’s written in more than 280 languages. However, today we’re celebrating the anniversary of its very first version, the English one, born the 15th January 2001.

If there’s something particularly remarkable about this online encyclopaedia it’s that any person can upload and edit the articles in it. And that’s the key to its success: if it still works today it’s only thanks to the thousands of wikipedians who write it volutarily on a daily basis.

The 15 years of history of Wikipedia have been marked by a series of important events, and there’s no better way to know about them than through a genially: take a look at how everything started, how they decided to create all the new versions in different languages, all the highlights and lots of interesting facts. Are you going to miss it?

Wikipedia is the biggest reference work in the Internet, with more than 37 millions of articles. Among all these contents we can find information about some unusual subjects. Do you want to discover some of Wikipedia’s most outstanding articles? Down below you can take a look at the 15 articles that has been more striking for us in Genially.

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Last but not least, we’d like to end our particular tribute to Wikipedia on its 15th birthday with a genially about the 15 most read articles during the year 2015.

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