Your Week Just Got Better: OneNote Meets Genially

In August, the daily rhythm may slow, but we are still here working on improvements to make your life and work easier, more efficient and fun. Luckily, we have friends in the world of digital communication that share our philosophy, so it should be no surprise that your favorite online note-taking tool has just taken the game to the next level.  

Introducing *drumroll*… OneNote + Genially!!!  Now, you’ll be able to open your geniallys directly in the OneNote platform by simply pasting its link into any section of your notebook and hitting Enter. This incredible new feature is available exclusively on the online version of OneNote. 

Keeping all your ideas in one place just got that much easier, and your notebook is about to overflow with creativity. As we’re sure you already know, OneNote is Microsoft’s leading platform for note taking, thanks in part to its power as a collaborative and cloud-based tool. This means that, like Genially, OneNote is an ideal space for teamwork and a time-saving solution that allows you to take full advantage of a group’s combined brain power. 

It comes complete with options for reading, writing, drawing, math and even audio. You can use it to record meetings or student projects, annotate texts, put together multimedia projects…  the sky’s the limit! 

To bring your geniallys into OneNote, copy and paste your genially’s link anywhere in your notebook, hit Enter and–once the creation loads– delete the title text above the creation if you’d like.  Your genially will continue to appear in all of its glory, complete with its interactive and animated effects.

Pro Tip: choose the option Navigation Panes > Hide All in OneNotes’ View tab for optimal viewing of your genially. 😊

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us on social media or by commenting on this post.

As always, all our best from everyone on the Genially team. And remember, you don’t need to be a genius to do brilliant things. 😉


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